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We'll tell you everything you need to know about cocktails and make you real experts in this field. In this sense: To the cocktail shaker, set, go!

Anyone can mix cocktails. Although it takes a little practice at the beginning and, above all, the right cocktail accessories, the right recipes and valuable tips and tricks, after a few tries you can be sure to keep up with any bartender. On which occasions you can serve cocktails, everything that belongs to the basic equipment of a house bar, which ice cream and glasses you take, how cocktails are decorated and, and, and you can read here.

What is a cocktail?

A cocktail is a mixed drink that consists of two or more ingredients - including a spirit such as rum, vodka, gin or tequila. The most common distinction is made between short drinks and long drinks. Short drinks have up to 10 cl (i.e. 100 ml) of liquid, mixed drinks with more liquid are accordingly Long drinks designated. Sometimes the cocktails are also classified according to the basic ingredient. That is why one speaks of vodka drinks, gin drinks or tropical drinks based on rum or cachaça. The group of Coladas make up all drinks that are prepared with whipped cream or cream of coconut - for example swimming pool or piña colada. There are up to 50 sub-categories for alcoholic drinks in total.

Occasions for a cocktail party

Whether with friends on the terrace, at parties, in the bar, in the restaurant, at weddings or on vacation on the beach: Such a refreshing, ice-cold cocktail actually always tastes good. Because cocktails usually have a higher alcohol content than beer or wine and because of their sweetness they usually don't go well with food, they are usually only drunk afterwards. Then you have created a good foundation and can also tolerate the alcohol better. ;) Because cocktails in bars and restaurants have a high price, we of course like to take advantage of the happy hour or simply make our drinks ourselves. So you can also adapt the alcoholic mixed drinks to your own taste preferences.

For the girls' evening

What do I need to mix cocktails: The basic equipment

In addition to the ingredients for the cocktail recipe, you should definitely buy a cocktail shaker for the perfect preparation. With it you can easily mix spirits and juices into a delicious drink. Often such a shaker is also offered in a set (by the way, you can find our great rose gold bar set heredisplay from the pictures), which includes cocktail accessories such as a bar pestle, bar spoon, strainer and measuring cup (jigger). Those who are equipped with these basics are guaranteed to have a lot of fun mixing cocktails.

What else you should have ready:

  • Of course, you also need glasses for your drinks. If you don't have special cocktail glasses, you can just use normal glasses.
  • Straws should not be missing in any cocktail! It's best to use paper or glass and avoid plastic drinking straws.
  • Always have a few ice cubes on hand.

Nice To Have:

  • You don't necessarily need a zester. You can also plan the peel of the citrus fruits with a peeler or carefully cut off with a knife.
  • Ice-Crusher: Of course, you need crushed ice for Caipi and Co. You can also buy the crushed ice cream in the supermarket - this saves you a lot of work.

Tips for your house bar:

  • Gin, vodka, white or brown rum, tequila, blue curacao and triple sec should not be missing in a well-stocked bar.
  • If you like to drink whiskey, then of course you should also have this spirit ready.
  • You can also mix delicious drinks with sparkling wine and champagne.
  • You can buy orange juice, tonic water, ginger ale, pineapple juice and the like in stock.
  • You also need grenadine or sugar syrup for many cocktails.

Which ice do I use for my drinks?

Crushed ice or ice cubes? It all depends on the drink. While crushed ice belongs in a caipi, classics such as Negroni or Gin Tonic are served with cuboid ice cubes. Did you know that ice is the second most expensive ingredient in a cocktail after spirits? Whole ice cubes in particular (those that are completely frozen through and don't look like empty schnapps glasses) are very expensive because freezing takes longer and costs a lot of energy.

Whether crushed ice, well Crushed ice, or normal Ice cubes; You can buy both variants in the supermarket. This of course saves a lot of work, but is also a small cost factor in the long run. For homemade ice cubes, you only need ice cube molds or bags and water. By the way, we prefer to use homemade ice cream scoops (you make them with shapes like thisdisplay) - they don't melt that fast and they look great! You can also freeze herbs or lime slices or chopped fruit in the cubes - this will turn your cocktails into a visual highlight!

Which drinks are prepared with a cocktail shaker?

Cocktails are always mixed in a shaker when liquids with different consistencies meet. In other words: All cocktails that are prepared with fruit juice, syrup and the like go first in a cocktail shaker and then in the glass. Nothing more needs to be stirred here. Incidentally, carbonated ingredients are always refilled in the glass afterwards. By the way, the old cocktail school says that a cocktail has to be shaken for at least seven seconds and not just a little back and forth, but with full physical effort. The shaker should always cover the longest possible way from top to bottom so that the ice always moves through the entire liquid and everything is well cooled. If you just shake it a little or just let it spin, the ice cubes will only melt and the drink will not get cold. There are even real competitions among bartenders to find out who shakes the cocktail so well that the least amount of melt water is created. You can tell whether you've shaked enough when the whole cocktail shaker is fogged up and cold both above and below. If you shake your drinks with ice in a shaker, then you should definitely strain the finished mixture through a strainer and pour it into a glass with fresh ice cubes - otherwise the drink will also water down too quickly!

Tip: Best take one Boston Tin Tin Shaker (both halves made of metal) and ALWAYS close it so that the upper, smaller part is slightly inclined on the lower one, this is the only way it closes firmly. Hit the bottom of the upper cup once and it is closed tightly. To open it afterwards, you have to hit the side of the large lower cup with the flat of your hand after shaking. This is still super easy with the dry run, but once you've shaked with ice, the cold sucks in more, so don't be surprised. :)

Here you can see what we mean in more detail:

There are also bartenders who mix their cocktails with some tricks. It's super entertaining and really impressive, but don't worry, such skills are required for almost no cocktail. The spins and throws don't make the drink better, they serve another purpose: more tip. But when you see something like that, how can you not tip it? :)

Which cocktails are stirred?

Classics such as the martini are always stirred with a bar spoon. The reason? Shaking it in the cocktail shaker could quickly turn the drink cloudy - an absolute no-go for bartenders! In terms of taste, it makes no difference whether shaken or stirred.

Real classics

Nice cocktail decoration

Which glasses do I use?

Drinks like martini or margarita are classically served in a cocktail bowl, while gin and tonic or cuba libre are often drunk from one HiGhball or long drink glasses and cocktails such as swimming pool and piña colada usually come in fancy glasses or hurricane glasses over the counter. Aperitifs such as the Negroni look great in an old fashioned glass or a whiskey tumbler. And we've all drank Moscow Mule out of a stylish copper mug, haven't we? The drinks get character from the different glasses, but of course the taste does not change. So if you don't have the right glass for your drink at the moment, it doesn't matter and you just use a different drinking vessel!

And now have fun trying it out and find your new favorite drink! You have the choice between:

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