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Easter greetings: The most beautiful sayings, wishes and poems

The Easter holidays are a great time to send greetings to friends and family. Happy Easter greetings should go beyond a simple "Happy Easter". Fortunately, there are many sayings, wishes, poems or quotes that you can use to decorate your Easter greetings. If you are still missing the right formulations, you will find numerous Easter greetings and examples that you can use in our large overview ...

➠ Content: This is what awaits you

➠ Content: This is what awaits you

Why send Easter greetings at all?

Cards and greetings are often sent on important holidays - this is especially true for Easter and Christmas. The religious aspect does not have to be in the foreground. Even people who are less familiar with the Bible can send Easter greetings. As a gesture that says: On a special day I will think of you and wish you all the best.

Whether card by post or digital Easter greetings via Whatsapp: The recipient will be happy about it in any case. To help you find the right words, we have put together numerous Easter greetings, sayings, poems and quotes for you free of charge:

The most beautiful Easter greetings

  • “We wish you a happy and blessed Easter. Enjoy the time with the family and the quiet days. "
  • "For Easter I wish you lots of sunshine, happiness and health."
  • "I wish you and your loved ones a happy Easter and relaxed holidays."
  • "I send you sunny and relaxed Easter greetings!"
  • “Take good care of yourself, stay healthy and enjoy the holidays. All the best for Easter. "
  • "For Easter we wish you all the best, lots of health, relaxation and satisfaction."
  • “Forget the stress for a few days and take it easy on the holidays. Happy Easter!"
  • "Warm Easter greetings and happy egg hunt!"
  • "I wish you a wonderful Easter time and all the best from the bottom of my heart!"
  • "I'll hug you very tightly and send you lots of love for the Easter holidays."
  • “I hope the flowers will bloom for you and the sun will shine for you. Have a nice Easter! "
  • “Unfortunately we can't see each other at Easter, but my thoughts are with you and I'm looking forward to the next meeting. From afar I wish you a happy Easter. "
  • "My dear friend, I wish you a happy and happy Easter. Let the warm sun shine on your face and enjoy the time with the family. "
  • “I'll send you my best regards at Easter. I wish you and your family a peaceful holiday and a nice long weekend. "

Quotes for Easter sayings

  • "Anyone who knows Easter cannot despair." (Dietrich Bonhoeffer)
  • "Easter is the celebration of the victory of eternal life." (Gertrud von Le Fort)
  • "The Easter light is the morning shine not of this, but of a new earth." (Getrud von Le Fort)
  • "With us it's Easter every day, except that we celebrate Easter once a year." (Martin Luther)
  • "Anyone who has heard the Easter message can no longer walk around with a tragic face and lead the humorous existence of a person who has no hope." (Karl Barth)
  • "Easter is every year quite difficult for the rabbit." (Wilhelm Busch)
  • "Easter says that the truth can be laid in the grave, but that it does not remain in it." (Clarence W. Hull)
  • "In the light of the Easter sun, the secrets of the earth get a different light." (Friedrich von Bodelschwingh)
  • "Anyone who does not have the quiet Friday and Easter Day does not have a good day in the year." (Martin Luther)

Easter poems

  • “The scholars and the priests
    argue with a lot of shouting,
    what did God create first -
    probably the hen, probably the egg!
    Would that be so hard to solve
    first of all an egg was invented,
    but because there hasn't been a chicken yet,
    that's why the hat brought it. "(Eduard Mörike)
  • “See this old miracle again.
    The Easter Bunny cuddles like a chicken
    and fabricated there under the elder
    an egg and another egg and has to do. "(Kurt Tucholsky)
  • "All the best, only the best,
    right now for Easter!
    May it above all
    Bring joy and relaxation. "
  • "Hey, yeah! Come over
    Let's look for the Easter egg.
    Always, here and there
    and in every place.
    No matter how well it is hidden
    it is finally discovered.
    Here an egg, there an egg
    soon there will be two and three! "(August Heinrich Hoffmann von Fallersleben)
  • “Come on, you bright Easter sun
    burst out with your shine.
    Fill with high air and delight
    our heart and life whole.
    Let your light penetrate the night
    that holds the spirit captive.
    That we soar up again
    from the dark grave of the world. "(Karl Friedrich Mezger)
  • “It will be spring far and wide
    and the bunnies are ready.
    They bring you to the Easter celebration
    lots of brightly painted eggs. "
  • “Easter when spring awakens
    every child cheers and laughs,
    because on this day celebration
    there are colorful Easter eggs. "
  • “Under the tree in the green grass
    sits a little Easter bunny ‘.
    Brush your beard and prick your ear,
    make a male, look out.
    Then jump away with one sentence
    and a cheeky little sparrow
    now look what is there.
    And what's it? An Easter egg! "
  • "Happy Holidays and lots of fun
    on beautiful Easter days!
    Enjoy the time to the full,
    I wanted to tell you that today. "
  • "Finally the time has come:
    The birds sing far and wide,
    you have a nice Easter time.
    With lots of brightly painted eggs
    you can celebrate Easter happily. "
  • "When the little Easter bunny comes
    nudges you with his nose,
    stands on the hind feet
    and say good Easter greetings to you. "
  • "What is there in the green grass,
    my child it is the Easter bunny ‘,
    nimble he hides egg after egg
    and there is one for you too. "

Funny Easter greetings

  • “The best thing about Easter is the days off.
    To a long weekend! "
  • "If you are looking for too many eggs at Easter, you have Christmas presents."
  • "Little bunny, went alone, wanted to be with you."
  • "In the event that Easter sinks into the snow: don't hide any white eggs!"
  • "Everybunny needs somebunny to love. Happy Easter!"
  • “The weather is not playing along properly, spring makes us wait. The rabbit is still fit, Easter can start. "
  • "A tip to keep the children busy at Easter: tell them that they haven't found all of the eggs - then you'll have a quiet morning."

Free Easter greetings

Colorful Easter eggs: that's what the colors mean

The egg has been a sign of the life and resurrection of Christ since early Christian times. Correspondingly, the eggs used to be predominantly colored red, the color of blood and love. The coloring itself probably arose from the need to label the eggs: eggs were also not allowed to be eaten during Lent. So these had to be preserved and cooked. To distinguish between raw and boiled eggs, parts of plants were added to the cooking water to color the eggs.

Since the 12th century people have mainly colored on Easter Saturday the Easter eggs to be consecrated with other foods in colorful baskets in the church. The colors are by no means chosen arbitrarily. In some regions they are assigned different meanings:

  • Red: Sacrificial death of Christ
  • Yellow: Desire for enlightenment and wisdom
  • Green: Youth and innocence
  • Blue: Misfortune and cold
  • Orange: Strength, perseverance, ambition
  • White: purity

By the way, there is a simple trick to tell if eggs are still fresh: Put them in a glass with cold water. Fresh eggs lie on the floor, if an egg swims upwards, it is spoiled!

Frequent questions about Easter greetings

What do you write on an Easter card?

With the Easter greetings above, you have a large selection, but in general the following applies: In an Easter card, you wish the recipient all the best, good luck, health or in general you send greetings and show: I have thought of you and wanted to make you happy.

When do you send Easter greetings?

The right timing is crucial for Easter greetings, a delayed greeting gives the impression that you have forgotten - but it shouldn't be too early either. If you send Easter greetings in a professional environment, these should be with the recipient by Maundy Thursday. The office is no longer manned on Good Friday and greetings can no longer be received. Private Easter greetings can also be sent until the Easter weekend.

How long can you wish a Happy Easter?

If you look at it very carefully, the time of happy Easter does not begin until Easter Sunday, the day of the resurrection. However, it has become established to deliver Easter greetings and wish a happy Easter as early as Holy Week. It is also common on Easter Monday. The Easter season officially lasts until Pentecost, as soon as the Easter holidays are over, but usually the time for Easter greetings is also over.

What are the Easter customs?

Not only Easter greetings are a custom. Do you know the tradition of the Easter egg table? Two colored eggs are beaten lightly against each other with the tip - the winner is the egg that remains whole. In some regions of Germany this is often played at Easter, before the eggs are eaten.

There are numerous, sometimes exciting and sometimes curious, Easter customs around the world:

The Bulgarians do not hide Easter eggs - they throw them at themselves. However, in such a way that the egg does not break if possible. Whoever succeeds in this feat will supposedly have a lot of success in the coming year. Baking Easter bread is even better known. It consists of eggs, sugar and fruit and can only be baked by unmarried girls.

Here it is custom to splash water on Easter Sunday ("Śmigus-dyngus"). However, it is more and more common for young people to tip whole buckets of water at other people instead of a few splashes of water. The custom is said to date back to 966, when the Polish ruler Mieszko I was baptized.

The British are a rough people, you can see that at Easter too. The islanders collect pussy willow branches and whip each other (gently) with them. Allegedly that brings luck - or welts. In some parts of England, residents let the colored eggs roll down sloping streets until the shell is broken.

In Finland things are even tougher: Friends get a light blow with the birch rod (Virpovitsa) on Palm Sunday. This is said to bring luck and symbolize the palm fronds when Jesus entered Jerusalem. But more reminiscent of running the gauntlet. For this, the children run through the streets on Easter Sunday, making noise and thus driving away the winter.

Wait until the Easter bunny comes, then you will be big and strong ... This is how the Easter ritual there could be described: As soon as the daffodils ring on Sunday, the parents grab their little children by the head and lift them up. Indeed, because they believe that the children will get bigger that way.

United States
The “White House Easter Egg Roll” has been celebrated in the garden of the White House in Washington for more than 100 years: On Easter Monday between 10 a.m. and 2 p.m., a small part of the garden is converted into a playing field. The visitors then have to roll dozens of eggs with tablespoons to the finish.

In Australia, some engaged couples draw running water from a stream at Easter and keep it until their wedding day. They then sprinkle each other with it before going to church. It is said to bring happiness to the marriage.

In Catholic Spain, people go to Easter mass on Easter Sunday. The boys wear a few palm fronds, while the girls have them adorned with sweets and colorful bows. Anyone who has such a palm frond with them will then be blessed by the priest.

From Maundy Thursday to Holy Saturday, no bells ring in the entire country. That only happens on Easter Sunday - and then good friends embrace and kiss in joy at the resurrection of Christ. In parts of France, children have to look for a carriage pulled by four white horses. It is filled with eggs.

The faithful bring white candles with them to mass on the night from Saturday to Easter Sunday. At midnight, all but one will be deleted. On this one flame, which symbolizes the resurrection, all candles are later lit again and life is passed on in this way.

For the Italians, Easter begins with a funeral and silent march on Good Friday. The street lights are switched off during the procession, but candles are burning everywhere in the windows. On Easter Sunday, however, the spook is over, the bells ring again and we eat. Easter cake - a salty cake with boiled eggs and spinach - is tradition.

Easter customs change from canton to canton. In Valais, for example, residents only took to the streets barefoot on Good Friday - so as not to disturb the earth. On Easter Sunday, the sunrise is rung in with a dance of joy - the sun symbolizes the resurrection. If you are fit, you can do three somersaults.

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