Why don't Americans like to cook

Why Americans Only Eat One Hand

In the USA, one hand remains free at the table

The Wild West was not a quiet time. People constantly lived with the risk of getting into a shootout. So it was wiser to always be able to pick up the Colt quickly. Even when eating. While one hand held the fork, the other stayed with the Colt. And so it still belongs to the American ones today Table mannersto eat one's steak with just one hand. But without a weapon.

It is not clear whether this table custom is a fairy tale. However, it is still the case in the United States today that many Americans first cut up their food, then put the knife aside, and then eat the pieces with a fork. The free hand then usually remains on the lap.

In addition, one of the American table manners is: If you are enjoying dinner, you do not need to wish each other "Bon appetit". The waiter does this with the remark "Enjoy your meal". If you have to go to the toilet while eating, you should definitely not mention this. All you have to do is say you'll be right back.

Japanese and Chinese connoisseurs sip

In Japan and China it can get a little louder at the table. Anyone who eats a soup in Japan is welcome to slurp it. Because this table custom shows the host that it tastes good. In China, too, nobody looks strict when you smack your lips while eating. A cigarette is definitely allowed during the meal. Nevertheless, there are table manners that should also be observed here.

In both countries people eat with chopsticks. According to Chinese table manners, there is also a bench next to the bowl on which the chopsticks can be placed. In no case should you prick these in the rice. The reason: this is how the rice is usually offered to the ancestors as a sacrifice. By the way: Delicious Japanese dishes and Chinese recipes are also available at EAT SMARTER!

Eating without cutlery, but only with the right one

In many Islamic countries, as well as in India and Thailand, eating by hand is one of the table manners. The Thais form a rice ball with the ring finger, index finger and thumb, which they then put in their mouths. In India, Indian dishes are mostly served on a large, round plate from which everyone can take something.

However, according to the table manners in these countries, it is completely out of the question to take food with your left hand. This is because it is considered impure. The reason: People clean themselves with their left hand after using the toilet. Both hands are washed before eating. In some parts of India even before every meal.

Spaghetti without a spoon, baguette without a knife

The French love their baguette and make sure that it is eaten correctly. It is a table custom in France that bread is broken, not cut. However, eaters are allowed to use the knife for other foods. Fruits, for example, are cut to size before they are eaten. According to French table manners, the chicken is not allowed to be nibbled either.

When it comes to spaghetti in Italy, the spoon is forbidden. Italian table manners dictate that the pasta should only be rolled up with a fork. Cutting is also not allowed, as is biting off. So if you don't want to embarrass yourself, you should wrap smaller portions on the fork.

In Russia: if you are full, you leave something

If you empty your plate in Russia, you signal that you are still hungry. And then he can actually expect that there will be a surcharge. It's best to just leave a small bite. According to Russian table manners, this is not impolite, it simply shows that you are full. To try out: Russian recipes are also available here at EAT SMARTER.