Tequila is a stimulant

Alcoholic beverages are usually considered an absolute no-go during a diet. A study now claims to have found out: Tequila can help with the diet.

Schnapps consist to a large extent of sugar and are therefore on the list of prohibited drinks, especially in phases when people want to lose weight. A new study claims to have found out that a certain schnapps can support you in your diet.

Tequila as a fat melter?

The new study from the American Chemical Society did one Link made between tequila and weight loss. In the past year, researchers found that tequila had a positive effect on blood sugar levels. Means: The sugar of the agave plant, from which tequila is made, lowers the blood sugar level.

Agavin is the name of the sugar that is not digestible and so that it doesn't raise blood sugar eitheras it says on the Delish portal. It is a pure, isolated sweetener from the agave. But be careful: do not confuse agavine with agave syrup.

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The researchers discovered that when mice were put on a diet and given water with agavin to drink, they ended up eating less overall. Her blood sugar level also fell. The mice produced by ingesting Agavin also has a hormone called GLP-1. This hormone produces insulin and keeps you full longer. Accordingly, agavin could also be an advantage for people with type 2diabetes and very overweight represent.

But consider: The Alcohol in tequila puts your Body still strong too. So you should still only enjoy it in moderation.

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