Is Harry Potter autosexual

When men are asexual

“When I grow up, I'll marry her.” When Julian R. (name changed) was ten years old, he was sure. He knew his neighborhood girlfriend would be the right one. She's just the nicest of them all. And pretty. When the two of them grew up, they would get married and have children. Most certainly. Like everyone else does. Absolutely normal.

17 years have passed since then. Julian no longer lives in a small town. He moved to Berlin and studied computer science. And lives alone. Nothing came of the planned togetherness. Not with the girl from the neighborhood. Not with another. And not with a man either. Two years ago Julian finally knew why. He wrote it on his blog.

The headline: "Social Debut"

The text: “All that remains is asexuality. And yes, I can identify with that, because I have no sexual attraction to people. "

The readers: friends, parents, probably other unknown blog visitors.

That said it was. It was out. Julian is asexual. He is neither into women nor men and has no interest in erotic interactions. “I just see people in a neutral way. They are just there. "

Social pressure makes it difficult to find oneself

He first noticed that something was different during puberty, at a time when the topic of sex was omnipresent. First love, first girlfriend, first time. Almost everyone went through it, looked at it, talked about it. Julian too. He fell in love. Or at least believed it was love. Weren't there some ominous butterflies in your stomach? Nervousness? It had to be love. Or?

But maybe, he sometimes thinks, he was just looking for a girlfriend to be part of. To be like the others. The pressure of the group stops.