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New products in 2021: 15 ideas to sell on the Internet

Anyone who wants to sell products online cannot avoid one fundamental question: "What sells well"? New products are constantly coming onto the market, which can make it difficult to keep track of things. So many entrepreneurs ask themselves a fundamental and very important question: "What sells well and what kind of business can I build based on it?"

The secret is to find new trending products before they go mainstream. As soon as a new product comes onto the market and word of its success has spread, competition becomes fierce. So if you're looking for new products that you can sell successfully online before your competitors jump in, make sure to read on.

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New products in 2021: 15 examples

1. Mini cameras

Smile please, you are on the Hidden Cam! Maybe not quite but new products like this little camera are so unobtrusive that no one would ever expect it to be anything other than a USB charger.

We don't want to advertise or even sell hidden cameras here, but sometimes you just have to play it safe. For example, if you're a business owner of a local business or want to keep an eye on your home while you're away. Sometimes a hidden camera is just what you need to keep your business or property safe. The security industry is currently on an upward trend, which is why this relatively new product will be in high demand for even longer.

So if you're looking for a profitable niche, this could be a clear winner. The only downside to selling hidden cameras is that they can't be sold through Facebook. This means that you have to win your customers through search-based marketing measures.

2. Rainbow cutlery

Some time ago, cosmetic brushes in mermaid, marble or even unicorn design were considered to be the absolute trend products. The classic cutlery is currently receiving a similarly gaudy upgrade. Rainbow cutlery is selling like crazy right now. And who knows? There could be more new products in the cutlery niche in the coming months and years, which makes an early commitment seem worthwhile.

If you're in the household or kitchenware niche, consider adding this product to your shop. But don't forget to find more new trends in this segment in the coming months - because they will definitely come. While cutlery isn't usually an impulse buy, the gaudy hues of the rainbow style could work very well on platforms like Instagram and Facebook. If you pursue a search-based strategy, you can benefit from both impulse buying and search-based buying.

3. Bio-magnetic ear stickers for weight loss

I never could have imagined that earrings would help you lose weight. But that day has actually come. These bio-magnetic ear stickers help you lose weight by putting pressure on a specific part of the ear. The whole thing acts as a form of acupuncture, which is supposed to stimulate blood circulation.

According to various acupuncturists, there is actual evidence that magnets can help with weight loss. If you too want to sell new products like these, make sure you aren't making any promises. Instead, you could use phrases like "helps stimulate blood circulation for weight loss" or "may aid weight loss".

However, you shouldn't make claims that buyers will actually lose weight, or even how much they will lose. Avoiding such claims is a common fitness and health practice to avoid liability and legal ramifications. In Germany in particular, the laws here are relatively strict. Keep in mind that the way you communicate can also mean the difference between accepting or disapproving your ads on platforms like Facebook.

4. Smart mini air cooler

Air coolers, while not exactly a new product in the market, are slowly becoming mainstream. In some countries (including Germany) there are various environmental laws that make purchasing air conditioning systems complicated. As a result, items like personal air coolers can be purchased to keep your workplace cool in the summer.

In addition, the greenhouse effect caused by solar radiation in an apartment could make a compact air cooler an attractive investment. To sell such innovative products, you can search for conversations on Twitter about the weather or extreme heat and then join the conversation accordingly.

5. Diamond-shaped ice cube tray

The best new products almost always offer a new twist on an existing product. This also seems to be the case with this item in our list of trending products for 2021, a diamond-shaped ice cube tray. While a standard ice cube tray is handy for everyday use, this diamond-shaped version is perfect for special occasions.

Are you organizing an engagement party or a girls night out? Then this article is exactly what you need. This little gimmick has the potential to become one of the top products this year. If you want to jump on the bandwagon, you should try the bridal niche first. You can sell these new products well on Instagram, but you should use pictures of the ice cubes in different settings.

6. Reusable straws

With the increasing ban on plastic straws, there will likely be a demand for new products that are reusable. These reusable straws are just one example. What sells well on the internet? If you are wondering this too, this article could be the solution. This is especially true if you run a shop for environmentally friendly products or sell kitchen appliances.

Attracting customers to this new product won't be too complicated. Avoiding plastic has been a trend for some time. By positioning this product as environmentally friendly and helping to protect the oceans, you could build a strong, socially-minded brand. After all, a business that makes the world better is the best kind of business.

7. Wooden alarm clock

If you want to create a rustic atmosphere in your home, this wooden alarm clock could be a great accent. You'd think that most people use their cell phones to wake up in the morning. However, alarm clocks do more than just tell the time and wake you up in the morning. They can also be used as home decoration.

Just look at this wooden alarm clock on Amazon that has over 1,700 reviews. In addition, there are certainly countless other customers who have not left any reviews. So if you are looking for new products with potential, there is definitely a market for wooden alarm clocks and clocks to sell in the home decor sector.

8. Feather wings for babies

For many new parents, their newborn is everything. So it's no wonder that they take a lot of photos of their little angels. As a result, photo props like these baby feather wings are becoming increasingly popular. Especially since we live in a world obsessed with photos. When it comes to selling new products like these, consider selling other maternity or newborn baby products or similar photo props as well.

These can work well on visual platforms like Instagram or Facebook. Bonus points are awarded for creating photos of adorable babies wearing the product, which you can then use in your advertisements. And with Halloween being the ideal dress-up occasion, this can even be a costume idea for newborns.

9. Dimmable Edison light bulbs

These lightbulbs are known to shine brightly and last a long time. While these new products can only be sold in countries like the United States, Japan, and certain South American countries due to their high voltage, these markets combined have a population of nearly 1 billion people.

The best thing about selling lightbulbs is that you can easily increase the average order value with the help of bundles. After all, most people won't just order a lightbulb. And that in turn enables you to make more money with every customer.

10. Epilators for hair removal

Many new products have one thing in common: they offer practical problem solving. This product is an ideal example of this. With this hair removal epilator, hair can be effectively removed and the hair roots destroyed at the same time. Why is that so great? It takes much longer for hair to grow back compared to an electric or wet razor. In addition, the hair grows back thinner.

By highlighting key features, you can more effectively target your audience and work towards closing the sale. With hair removal products still popular, this is a reliable product that sells well. As part of the application, you can create videos that show how the product works. You can also create optimized content for your product page in order to secure a better ranking in the search engines.

For certain products, some online retailers choose to use dedicated landing pages rather than a traditional product page. You can do this by customizing your theme or creating your landing pages with an app like Shogun.

11. Mini eye massager

We all want to look good. New products like this eye massager aim to address this impulse. It helps lessen the signs of tiredness and exhaustion that everyone suffers at some point in their life. When it comes to marketing, try creating before and after videos to show your audience the real value of this eye massager while creating hype around the product at the same time.

Keep in mind that customers typically don't buy one health product at a time. So if you combine this innovative device with eye cream or gel eye masks, that can ensure attractive sales and satisfied customers.

12. Essential oils diffuser with LED lights

Essential oil diffusers have been on the market for a while now. However, these newer and cooler variants are particularly exciting. Diffusers now come in all shapes and sizes, the little lighthouse in the picture below is just one example. So there is a variant for almost every requirement and every furnishing style.

To be a successful dropshipper, you need to know your audience. So you need to know what new products your potential customers are looking for. On this basis, you can then set up your shop in a targeted manner. So take some time and browse the large selection of oil diffusers to choose the right variant for your audience.

13. Portable mixer

The fitness trend is still very current and every day new products come onto the market that are supposed to help people become healthier and fitter. This portable blender is by far the best I've come across. For people with a very busy lifestyle, it is the perfect solution.

You can make a smoothie in the office, in the car, or anywhere on the go with this cool new product. All you need is a USB port. If you're selling fitness products, this blender could be exactly what your audience is looking for. If you then add other innovative products to your shop, there are hardly any limits to your business success.

14. Cat brush for self-care

Cats can be demanding, and grooming is an extremely important aspect. However, sometimes it is difficult to find the time to take care of our four-legged friends. This is exactly where this brand new product comes in. With the help of this innovative self-care brush, we can save time by allowing our pets to enjoy a good massage while getting rid of loose hair and knots.

This cat brush can be placed on corner walls around the house and is safe to use for any cat regardless of hair length. New products like this one aren't just for one purpose as it will massage your kitten too. So it can enjoy a bit of wellness when you are not at home. Anyone looking for the term “best-selling products on the Internet” will sooner or later come across the pet segment. With this great cat brush you can get started in this niche.

15. Dog treat thrower

Whether you're trying to capture a great picture of your dog or teaching him to sit, this treat launcher will provide you both with hours of fun. New products like this one will generate real excitement among pet owners.

Pet items are so regular on the market that it is difficult to predict which one will become a bestseller. Oberlo has a large selection of great dog treats. So you can test different product ideas to see which one goes down best with your target group.

Bonus product: Inflatable toy

While they're popular in the summer season, inflatable toys can be sold practically all year round. So it can be a good idea to do flash sales on this item during the winter months. And as soon as the summer season starts, you can simply price it as usual. The product is light and easy to transport. Due to its compact size, it also qualifies for ePacket shipping.

What sells well? New products in 2021 and the conclusion

These are just some of the cool new products you can sell right now. New products are constantly coming out. To find articles like this before anyone else, you can do a simple research. For example, you can search AliExpress and Amazon to find new products recently added to their collections.

You can also keep an eye on topics that are increasingly appearing in the news and then use them to your advantage. For example, a heat wave or the plastic straws we talked about earlier. Because a solution will always be needed for such and similar issues. And this often comes in the form of a new product.

You can also use Google Trends, Ecomhunt, and Trend Hunter to identify new products and new trends. Keep your eyes peeled to find top products to sell before your competitors do.

Which of these new products would you like to buy or sell? Let us know in the comments.

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