Is a Pinterest business account free

Smart set up a Pinterest business account right from the start

Every beginning is not that difficult - if you know how to do it. We seem to have convinced you to use Pinterest for your business and give the social media channel the attention it deserves. Now, in our Pinterest blog series, the practical part begins with setting up your Pinterest business account. This is basically free of charge and the procedure is done quickly. However, it is still worthwhile to concentrate in a few places so as not to make a false start.

First of all, briefly on the occasional question of whether a private profile on Pinterest is sufficient or even has pluses if you use Pinterest professionally.

What are the advantages of a Pinterest business account?

They actually still exist, these self-proclaimed marketing gurus who believe that as an entrepreneur you are more successful in social networks if you pretend to be a private user. German courts, however, increasingly see this without any humor and impose fines if competitors point out such fraud. The example of so-called influencers can be clearly seen: gray areas in terms of advertising and sponsored content are a thing of the past, lawyers are pushing for clear text.

The communities on Pinterest and Co. have also become much more sensitive to alleged buddies who hide business interests. Last but not least, there are of course terms and conditions on Pinterest that prohibit such pretending to be false. You should move away from the idea of ​​using a private account on Pinterest to promote your company, your products and services.

With a business account on Pinterest, you not only benefit from largely legal security, but also from a constantly growing number of features and tools that are tailored to professional users. These include in particular:

  • Pinterest Analytics: The US company has integrated analysis tools on its platform that will later help you to understand very precisely which of your activities are working why and where you need to fine-tune. There you will also get a very precise idea of ​​the target group you are reaching. Pinterest Analytics is not activated for private accounts.
  • Advertising on Pinterest: You can only invest money in campaigns and use the various advertising formats on this social network with a business account. The possibilities for Germany are still very limited, but it can be assumed that this will change in the near future.
  • Verified website: This function is actually reserved for business accounts on Pinterest and plays an existential role for your professional requirements. We will come to later on how to do this somewhat technical step without frustration.
  • Pinterest Showcase: Currently only companies are allowed to use this free feature that will move the most important offers to the front on your profile in a visually attractive way.

All right, do you understand why a business account is the only logical solution for you on Pinterest? Then go to the computer, the next actions will take longer or even impossible via smartphone.

Set up the business account on Pinterest step by step

If you would like to convert an existing private profile on Pinterest into a business account for your own reasons, you will find the corresponding link in the top right corner of the start page after you have logged in. With the future in mind, we recommend that you get started with a business account right away.

To do this, in the first step you register with an e-mail address assigned to the work and assign a password. Since you can later enter other e-mail addresses as employees of your Pinterest presence, a collective e-mail address is not absolutely necessary here. After confirming your registration, Pinterest will guide you to create your profile. Here you should basically fill out all fields.

  • Company name and username: The company name is the one that appears on your profile and is used to post direct messages and comments. The username is the one under which Pinterest manages your profile as a URL, which is interesting for Google. Usually these two names will be the same and match the name of your company. But they can also convey a brand or be the real name for service providers.
  • Profile picture or logo: The logo of your company or your brand promises recognition value and is therefore usually the first choice. Again, service providers may prefer to use a successful profile photo. Your profile picture or logo will appear again and again later during your activities on Pinterest - so make sure that they are meaningful even as miniatures.
  • Location: Is advisable if only because searches are increasingly linked to locations. In the case of a stationary store, the city name is the consequence. If you only make online offers, the address from the legal notice is probably decisive.
  • Attention imprint: In Germany there is an imprint obligation for commercial providers and this field is therefore mandatory. However, according to current legal assessments, it is sufficient to provide a link to your imprint on your actual main website.
  • Brief description: Formulating clearly what you have to offer and what motivates you to appear is not only a supreme discipline on Pinterest. Two sentences are enough, but they have to be right. Think about how you put the search terms that characterize your project here. By the way, you are not allowed to set links in the short info on Pinterest.
  • Website: This is where the link to your website is posted - Pinterest generally doesn't like link shorteners and blocks them whenever possible. Since you still want to verify your website afterwards, you choose your main page and not a deep link.
  • Facebook and Co: You can connect your Pinterest profile to other social networks here. The selection of available Pinterest competitors changes regularly. The function for lazy people who want to automatically post a pin elsewhere is not really recommended anyway, because flat copies will no longer work in social media in 2018.

"Edit shop window" and other special settings in your business account come later on Pinterest. Partly because you have not yet created your own pins and pin boards, partly because these fine adjustments result from which software environment your company or project otherwise relies on. So take a deep breath now, it's getting technical.

Prepare your own website for Pinterest - verification

Pinterest offers its professional users to have their own website verified. The reward of the matter is not only a red tick on the profile picture, but also the integration of tools on your website that make it much easier for others to transfer image content from your website to Pinterest. There are also improved Pinterest Analytics, a reference to your Pinterest profile when repinning your posts and maybe even more in the future. You notice: This verification should not be skipped. But because the company relies on automation, a little HMTL comes into play.

  1. In your business account you click on "Verify website" under the basic settings and you will now see a line of HTML code.
  2. Now copy this code to the clipboard.
  3. Now the code has to be loaded either into the meta tags of your website or into the root folder of your website.
  4. When this is done, click on "Submit" back on Pinterest and you should receive confirmation for the verification within a short time.

Actually, this process is very similar to the integration of affiliate codes, such as those offered by Amazon. If you've already dealt with this, Pinterest should also be done quickly. Otherwise, Pinterest itself provides links to instructions for frequently used web hosting programs such as Wordpress, Shopify or Wix on this support website.

Trust us: it all sounds more complicated than it really is. If you are still unsure, contact your webmaster or someone who has a basic understanding of HTML. By the way, there is also the possibility to link any accounts on YouTube, Etsy and Instagram with your Pinterest account. Pinterest explains how this works here.

More ways to optimize your website for Pinterest

Once your own website has been verified by Pinterest, you can create links to the platform on it. For this purpose, Pinterest has prepared a so-called Wider Builder. If this is set up, these options arise:

Make it easy for visitors to post your images directly on Pinterest. They see the Pinterest symbol (pin-it-pin) when they are on your website and can add pictures from there to their Pinterest collection with just a few clicks.

Website visitors can follow your Pinterest profile without first switching to Pinterest (Follow-me button).

Conversely, you can also have new Pins that you have set on Pinterest automatically transferred to your website.

In addition to the very practical advantages that the interlinking of your web presence with Pinterest opens up, you also make it visually clear on your website that you value Pinterest as a platform. Pinterest has collected further technical information on this website. As I said: Don't be afraid of some HTML or one or two hours of joint work with your webmaster - because afterwards the task is done forever.

Conclusion: The Pinterest business account is up - what's next?

The practical preparations for using Pinterest efficiently for your company should now be complete. Feel free to ask friends how they like your Pinterest profile. You will then perhaps improve a little with the items profile picture / logo and brief info. You can find out whether the technical implication worked by trying it out. So now it's time to get started with content on Pinterest. You will soon find more posts here on our blog that deal with the basic functions of Pinterest and more.

Melchior Neumann
As the founder and managing director of PERGENZ Community Building, Melchior lives for digital communities. As a strategic thought leader, he is constantly concerned with new forms and possibilities of social organizations. In addition, he is a board member of the Federal Association of Community Management - for digital communication and social media.