Who unfollowed me on Instagram

Simona Cukerman via the "Unfollower for Instagram" app

For the first week, the app seemed like a welcome blessing. It was a frivolous way of wasting time. Did an old classmate decide to jump off the ship? Well, then I'll punish you with an immediate unfollow. An acquaintance of a friend is now following me because she has marked me on a picture. That gives him a few likes as a reward.

The initial frivolity developed over time into a large, unrelaxed cloud over my head. Admittedly, that irritated me, because I mainly use Instagram for inspiration and only secondarily for friendly espionage. And since I have already unfollowed some acquaintances because they bored me, it hit me hard when I discovered that acquaintances also unfollow me. I'm not boring - am I?

My experience with this app turned into a toxic relationship. Every day, whenever my follower numbers jumped, I wanted to update the app to see who was new on my enemy list. The fact that you compare yourself to others on social media is not new to anyone. But now questions like: “How did I deserve to be unfollowed? I wouldn't be surprised if I only uploaded pictures of my dog, but so? ”. The Unfollower app gives you a feeling reminiscent of greeting an old classmate in town but being ignored.