What is WebSphere Middleware

Develop software.
For IBM Middleware and Cloud systems.

Web content viewer
Provision of mechanisms for the evaluation of unstructured data. Design of training models and learning processes for the AI. Integration of the results into the internal processes.
Development of modern microservices based on the IBM Cloud, Amazon or Google with Docker, Kubernetes under Node.js, SpringBoot or Java. Integration with on-premise services or other applications in the cloud. Configuration of security mechanisms.
Development of portal themes, portlets and backend connections via adapter or native. Development of content libraries for portal web content management. Administration and operation of portal servers. Connection to marketing and monitoring systems.
Analysis, architecture and development of processes with the IBM Business Automation Workflow. Programming with BPEL, SCA and monitoring as well as with BPMN, coaches and toolkits.
Development of message flows in Java and ESQL with the WebSphere ESB and Integration Bus or ACE. Development of interfaces to IBM MQ. Provisioning of interfaces via IBM API Connect. Configuration and adaptation of DataPower appliances.
Build apps with IBM MobileFirst and Apache Cordova using XCode and Java for native Android apps. Deployment and maintenance of apps, connection to marketing and monitoring systems.
Development and integration of shop systems based on HCL Commerce. Creation of patterns, marketing activities and content. Complete customizing of commerce shops and connection to marketing systems.
Setting up and configuring the Acoustic Marketing Cloud. Integration into existing systems, development of tracking mechanisms and email automation. Integration of monitoring and tools for error analysis.