Why is ISIS beheading children

Is ISIS beheading children in Mosul, Iraq?

The main news that reports on people who have been there relates to Christians displaced from Mosul, not the murder of Christian children there.

Chrétiens d'Irak: Are you recovering? says (italics is the original French, followed by my translation from French to English):

Cardinal Philippe Barbarin, Archävêque de Lyon, Revient d'une Visite in Iraq, où il a rencontré des chrétiens récemment chassés de Mossoul par les djihadistes.

Cardinal Philippe Barbarin, Archbishop of Lyon, is returning from a visit to Iraq where he met Christians recently driven from Mosul by jihadists.

"Tout d'un coup, le prétendu calife de Mossoul a dit:" At partir du 18 juillet à 12 h, plus un seul chrétien dans la ville de Mossoul. Les maisons ne sont plus à vous, ce n'est plus votre ville "vous devez être partis".»

Suddenly the pretended caliph of Mosul said: "As of July 18th at noon, not a single Christian in the city of Mosul. The houses are no longer yours, it is no longer your city, you have to be gone."

Les chrétiens ont fui à la hâte, important Leurs enfants and Leurs biens les plus précieux, explique l'archevêque.Cependant, aux postes de contrôle, à la sortie de la ville, “on a pris la voiture et on les a laissés partir avec le minimum de vêtements et rien rien rien dans les poches, rien du tout”.

The Christians fled hastily and took their children and their most valuable goods with them, the archbishop declared. At the checkpoints at the exit of the city, "they took the car and with a minimum of clothes and nothing, nothing in their pockets, nothing at all."

Le cardinal souligne que pas un seul chrétien n'a perdu la vie, Contrairement aux Chiites, qui ont été massacre en grand nombre par les sunnites.«C'est très surprising.J'ai vu le patriarche leur dire: "Arrêtez de vous plaindre; pour les musulmans chiites, c'est pire que pour vous."»

The cardinal emphasizes that not a single Christian has lost his life , in contrast to the Shiites, who were massacred in large numbers by the Sunis. "It's very surprising. I saw the Patriarch tell you." Stop complaining. It is worse for the Shiite Muslims than it is for you. "

This story gives an example of why Christians left.

Tout ce qui est chrétien est détruit

L'EIIL multiplies the requirements for conquering the villas and the chaque jour apporte un lot de témoignages effrayants.Ainsi, Bassam, qui a toujours vécu à Mossoul, vient juste de se réfugier en Turquie."Tout ce que je possédais, l'État islamique l'a pris", raconte-t-il."Ils sont venus chez moi et m'ont dit:" Tu vois ta femme, on revient avec un couteau, on lui ouvre le ventre and on le bébé ".Alors j'ai pris ma famille et je suis parti tout de suite », raconte cet homme, qui vivait avec sa femme enceinte, ses deux enfants en basâge et ses parents."Ils détruisent tout ce qui est chrétien, même les cimetières".

ISIL multiplies its demands in the conquest of Iraqi cities and brings terrifying testimonies every day. Bassam, who has always lived in Mosul, has just fled to Turkey. "The Islamic State took everything I had," he said. “They came to my house and said to me,“ You see your wife, we come back with a knife, we open her belly and we kill the baby. “So I took my family and left immediately. tells this man who lived with his pregnant wife, two young children and parents. "They destroy everything that is Christian, even the cemeteries."

To date, Mark cites Arabo as the only source for stories that can be found on the first few pages of https://www.google.com/search?q=behead+children, and he bases his statement on http: // not www .markarabo.com / (he only provides a link to the same CNN interview) Therefore, IMO's specific statement and question about CNN cited in the OP, that is, that children in Mosul are systematically or otherwise beheaded, is unconfirmed.

Additionally, Mark Arabo wrote on his July 22nd blog:

Recently, images showing a "red death stamp" placed outside the homes of Iraqi Christians have gone viral. This stamp reminds all Christians that after the end of the holy month of Ramadan, ISIL knows who you are and your life is now in their hands. Because of this, 95% of Christians have left Mosul and around 5% are still converted to Islam. The red badge shown is a reminder of the Holocaust and the yellow badges on the poor and outside the shops of Jewish people. It is a terrifyingly clear omen of what the future holds for these marked Christians.

If his numbers are correct, this is in line with the previous assessment that no significant number of Christians were killed (instead, they were warned to flee and they fled).

There seems to be little doubt that people who did not flee would have been killed. For what it's worth, there is good evidence that they were systematically warned to flee instead of or before they were killed.


You seem very skeptical of any claim, but have completely lost skepticism about your own claim that Isis did not kill a Christian. Even based on mere statistics, this is untenable.


I don't understand your comment. Your comment contains three clauses, none of which I understood: Which statement am I very skeptical about? What is my claim that I am not skeptical about? What is untenable even with mere statistics?