What is diagonal communication

Important components of communication

Information channels:

The information channels refer to the transfer of information. This can be done in different ways. A distinction is made between downward communication, upward communication, horizontal communication and diagonal communication. Downward communication is communication from the supervisor to the employee, and upward communication is when it is done in the opposite direction. In the case of horizontal communication, information is passed on between two employees of equal status, in the case of diagonal communication between two employees at different hierarchical levels. (Gerckens 2007: 26 ff.)

The aim of the management level should be to make their goals and plans transparent so that the employees can identify with the company. The possibilities are diverse, including information events, publications e.g. on the in-house Internet, but also keeping quality management manuals. Important certification procedures such as the KTQ, i.e. the cooperation for transparency and quality in the healthcare system, take up this aspect.

However, the passing on of information regarding changed processes or service instructions is also important in order to ensure the same working method.

In contrast, communication between colleagues is usually required for the actual work process.

Information content:

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