How popular are iPhones in Korea

iPhone more popular than Samsung's cell phones in Korea too

Sabine Friedrich

The survey of almost 10,000 participants shows: 88.2 percent of all iPhone owners are satisfied with their smartphone, while only 52.3 percent of Galaxy S5 owners confirm the same thing for their smartphone.

This year's survey of the analysts from Market Insight, which smartphone is most in demand in South Korea, shows, as in the previous year, that Apple's iPhone is ahead, report the colleagues from Electronista. The difference to 2013: The gap between the new models from Korean manufacturer Samsung and the iPhones from Apple has increased in the satisfaction category: the previous year, the iPhone 5 achieved 778 on a scale of 1000 possible points, while the iPhone 5S now scored 810 . The top smartphone from Samsung, on the other hand, got 592 points last year and reached 600 this year.

The survey shows a general dissatisfaction in Korea with its own brands Samsung, LG and Pantech. All three manufacturers received only mediocre ratings in all categories, even if LG was able to push Samsung out of second place with a total of 609 points. Apple's iPhone 5S achieved the lowest satisfaction rating in the "Durability" category, but even the value was above the average of the survey and well ahead of the Korean manufacturers.

In the overall rating, the iPhone 5S 810 achieved out of 1000 points each - a noticeable improvement over the iPhone 5 in second place with 742 points. LG achieved third place with its G Pro 2 with 702, followed by Asus' Nexus 5 with 659 and LG's G2 with 654. Samsung's Galaxy S5 came in sixth with 652. In the individual categories of design, screen, speed, smooth multimedia -Playback, size, weight, ease of use, touchscreen delay and use of the latest technology elte Samsung consistently below average values.

Analysts were surprised that the gap between the ratings of Apple's smartphones and Korean manufacturers widened within a year. As expected, satisfaction drops once the product is no longer brand new, but surprisingly, the iPhone 5S has continued to gain. A total of almost 10,000 smartphone owners took part in the survey. According to analyst estimates, Apple holds at least 15 percent of the smartphone market in South Korea.