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More than just surveys

With Google Forms you can plan your next camping holiday, manage registrations for events, carry out spontaneous votes, enter e-mail addresses for a newsletter and much more.

The right design for everyone

You can use your own photos or logo and Google Forms will choose the right colors for your very own personal form. Or you can choose one of the individual designs to give your form the right touch.

Questions and answers as desired

There are numerous options for composing questions - from the multi-choice question to the drop-down list and linear scale. You can also add pictures and YouTube videos or use the skip questions feature - your imagination knows no bounds!

Also for on the go

No matter whether at home on the computer or on the go on the smartphone or tablet - with Google Forms you can easily create, edit and fill out forms at any time.

Automatic organization and evaluation

All answers to your questions are automatically and clearly recorded in Google Forms - in real time, including statistics. You can also see all the answers and information in Google Sheets and analyze them further as you wish.

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