What is free climbing versus free solo

The best free solo climber in the world is not an adrenaline junkie

According to Honnold, it was one of those moments in 2017 that shaped him decisively.

"Even the expedition to Antarctica was a total treat compared to the ascent to the 'El Cap'."

“Free solo is definitely not about the adrenaline. It took me four hours to climb the 'El Cap'. You can't have an adrenaline rush for four hours, ”he explains. “Rather, it is meditative, calm and relaxed. Almost peaceful. "

“Alex climbs for the sake of climbing. He doesn't do anything because he wants to be famous or because he needs the attention. He just loves the sport, ”says Bisharat. "At the same time, he has also accepted his fame and uses this platform to inspire others and to make a difference."

Much of his community service is geared towards funding and implementing solar energy initiatives. According to Honnold, what motivates him above all is the intimate relationship he has built with nature through climbing.

“When you spend all your time outdoors, you definitely feel responsible for preserving these places,” says Honnold. “As a professional athlete, I'm really very lucky that I was able to turn what I love to do into my calling - I have free time practically all the time. I think you feel particularly obliged to give something back. "