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Majin Boo is a being created by the magician Bibidi, with high fighting and regenerative power.

Boo's story

After its creation, the demon turned out to be uncontrollable. Fearing Boo, Bibidi locked him in a magic ball.

His son Babidi, however, wanted to revive him in order to gain dominion over the universe. However, he needed a lot of energy to be released. With the help of Darbra, the lord of the underworld, and other assistants, he obtained them. He had the majority of this energy absorbed by Spopovich from Gohan in Super Saiyan Level 2, while the two faced each other in the ring of the big tournament.

The remaining energy was released through the fight between the two super Saiyan two-time Son Goku and Vegeta. Babidi believed that he had brought Vegeta under his control, but he only wanted to use the power it gave him to fight against Son Goku. What he did not know, however, is that with every blow he gave Son Goku and every attack he received, the two lost part of their energy and this Boos Egg was fed.

to shape

Like Cell, Boo can absorb opponents and make use of their power / fighting techniques.

He has two different methods.

  1. With his feeler, which he has on his head, he can transform living beings into food, which he then eats and thus gets its energy (absorbed).
  2. Boo consists of a soft mass that it can regenerate as desired. So, z. B., he tears a piece of mass from his body, forms this into a thick rope / lasso and catches his opponent. This is locked in and Boo can absorb it.

Over time, Boo changes his appearance. Partly through emotional chaos and partly through external influences. (Absorbed persons are exempted third.)

Fat Boo

This shape looks more like a giant baby and is therefore underestimated by our heroes at the beginning. It was later found that Boo had grown so fat and childlike when he absorbed the Dai Kaioshin. This is also the later reason why the evil split off from Boo.

Fat Boo likes sweets and is easily irritable. So z. B., he turned Dabra into a cookie and ate it because he made fun of him.

Vegeta fought against him, but found that he has no chance against him. So he got the idea to blow himself up with him, believing that this was the only way to destroy Boo. Vegeta sacrificed his life in vain because Boo could regenerate without problems. Together with Babidi, he raided many cities, whose inhabitants he turned into candy. Babidi used this because he was looking for Piccolo, Trunks and Son Goten and threatened to Boo to have more people killed if they should not surrender Son Goku saw a merger as the only way to destroy Boo.

But since he was only allowed to stay on earth for a certain period of time, he could not fuse with anyone himself. So he had to teach Trunks and Son Goten how to fuse so that they could fight Boo. But then something came up and Trunks had to fly off to fetch the Dragon Radar from the Capsule Corporation. Meanwhile, Son Goku teleported to Boo to stop him from destroying the western capital. Son Goku transformed into a Super Saiyan 3 and held him out. After Trunks was on the way back, Son Goku also returned to God's palace. Boo became insubordinate. He no longer wanted to be ordered around by his master Babidi and killed Babidi. Now Boo went on with the terror on his own. Much later, when Boo was already building his own house, he befriended Mr. Satan when he wanted to play the hero again and "tried" to take Boo off. After a while, Boo found a small stray dog ‚Äč‚Äčthat he and Mr. Satan named Bee. Through Bee and Mr. Satan, Boo learned the difference between life and death. He learned to love and make friends

But just after Boo was able to develop such feelings, a sniper shot his dog. This seemed like a traumatic experience for him and the gap in him, between good and bad, widened. This event was also the first time Boo got so angry that strange smoke rose from his head. Bee was still alive, so Boo could heal him and he calmed down. Later this same sniper reappeared and shot Mr. Satan. Boo got extremely angry again, had himself just under control, healed Mr. Satan and ordered him to leave as quickly as possible, otherwise something terrible would happen to him. Mr. Satan and Bee did so and watched from a safe distance how quite a bit of smoke shot out of Boo's head and this turned into a cloud in the sky. From this cloud then formed Evil Boo.

Good boo

Good boo is Fat Boo, only that evil has completely split off from him. Because of this, he looks like too Fat Boo. Good boo became much much weaker after the split, but is still a strong and not to be underestimated fighter.

Right after yourself Evil Boo split off from him, he fought against it, but lost very quickly. Evil Boo transformed Good boo in chocolate, ate it up and absorbed it.

Towards the end of the fight with Kid boo, this one spits, Good boo out again. Vegeta wanted to kill him, but Son Goku let him be spared. Has lived since then Boo, together with Bee, in Mr. Satan's villa and fights on the side of the good.

Evil Boo

Evil Boo split from the malice and anger of the Fat Boo. There is nothing good in him, he is made up of pure evil. He's fighting right after the split Good boo. However, this had no chance and was by Evil Boo, turned into chocolate and eaten. After that, he continued to transform into Super boo.

Super boo

Super boo arose after Evil Boo, the Good boo has absorbed. It has its old pink color again. This boo is all about fighting and is merciless.

Super boo kills, after the absorption of Good boo, the sniper who joined Bee and Mr. Satan, with no mercy. Immediately afterwards Boo attacked Mr. Satan and Bee too, but he remembered the time with them and spared them.

Furthermore, in this form, Boo has the ability to perceive every energy that exists around the universe. So he immediately flew to God's palace, because there he felt the presence of Trunks and Son Goten, whom he wanted to call to fight, as Son Goku had promised him a fight some time ago. Piccolo tries to hold Boo off and to buy time because he knows that the two boys don't have a chance against Boo yet, not even as Gotenks and they should train in the space of spirit and time so that they might still have a chance against him to have. But Super boo the thread of patience broke. He wanted to fight right away! Piccolo agrees and leads Boo to the space of spirit and time. But Piccolo made extra detours in God's palace in order to gain some time. Arrived in the space of spirit and time, Trunks and Son Goten merged, then to Gotenks. The fight against Boo started. At first it looked like the boys could defeat Boo, but then they realized that Boo is as good as invincible as he regenerated over and over again. Piccolo then, out of desperation, destroyed the exit of the room so that Boo would be trapped there forever. What Piccolo had not considered out of his desperation is that they were now trapped there too. But when Boo understood that he would never get out of there and thus never eat sweets again, he got really mad. He uttered such a powerful and loud scream that opened a dimensional rift through which he returned to earth. Since the hole closed again immediately, Gotenks had to transform into a triple Super Saiyan, which also created such a rift and both could return to Earth as well. It was there that the fight between the triple Super Saiyan Gotenks and Boo continued.

Gotenks is really angry because Boo Bulma, Kuririn and co. turned into chocolate and she ate, but it was like in the space of spirit and time. Nobody really had the upper hand. God's palace was already suffering from the battle when suddenly Gotenks, Trunks and Son Goten merged. Just wanted to attack the three now completely superior Boo, Trunks, Son Goten and Piccolo when Son Gohan, who trained in the kingdom of the Kaioshin, appears. This one is so much superior to Boo that Super boo first looking for space. After about an hour, Boo reappeared and asked not Gohan to fight, but Trunks and Son Goten. The two boys merged again. And that was exactly what it meant Boos Plan. By a trick, he wanted to absorb Gotenks and Piccolo. He succeeded in doing this too. Now Gohan was in trouble, because now Boo was stronger again.

Super Boo (Gotenks absorb.)

Majin Gotenks Boo is the level created after Super Boo SSJ3 absorbed Gotenks and Piccolo. In this form he is a lot stronger than before. He is so strong now that even Mystic Gohan has no chance against him. All of his attacks are ineffective and he died almost twice from Boo's attacks. After Son Goku salvaged old Kaioshin's life, he teleported to the fight and helped Son Gohan. He turned into the SSJ3 and fought against Majin Gotenk's Boo. After a little while, the Gotenks merger came to an end, and he had only the power of Super Boo again, but still the intelligence of Piccolo. He used a trick and was able to absorb Gohan as well. Then he transformed again and was thus Ultimate Boo.

Ultimate Boo (Gohan absorb.)

Ultimate Boo came about after Majin Gotenks Boo absorbed Mystic Gohan through a trick. He is now much stronger than Son Goku. Goku had no chance against Boo and could hardly hold out until Vegeta showed up. Goku immediately teleported to Vegeta and explained everything to him and suggested the merger with the Potara-Orringen. Ultimate Boo caught up with the two of them immediately and they kept fighting. Even now Goku and Vegeta had no chance together. Only after a while did Vegeta agree to the merger and they merged into Vegetto. Ultimate Boo now had no chance against Vegetto. Even so, Vegetto turned into the SSJ and fought Ultimate Boo. Vegetto had the strength to kill Ultimate Boo with no problem. But he didn't want to do this because the absorbed people were still inside him. Ultimate Boo managed to turn Vegetto into a coffee drop. After Vegetto kicked Boo a bit as a candy, Boo transformed him back because it was too small as a candy to snap. A little later, Ultimate Boo was able to absorb Vegetto through a torn off body part. This was exactly Vegetto's plan to save the others. However, Boo did not know this and was happy that he had absorbed Vegetto and that he was now the most powerful being. The merger broke up inside Boo, and Vegeta and Goku freed their sons and friends. Ultimate Boo noticed this and plunged into itself and fought Vegeta and Son Goku again. But Vegeta managed to free the absorbed Good Boo as well. Ultimate Boo then began to transform again and the Saiyajins were able to flee with their sons and friends. Because Vegeta separated the good boo from the inside in Ultimate Boo, Ultimate Boo has now changed back to its original form in which it was created by Bibidi. His energy was now limitless, he could have killed anyone with it.

Kid boo

This is Boo's original shape. It was in this form before absorbing the Southern Kaioshin and Dai Kaioshin and then turning into Fat Boo. In that form, he's Kid Boo because he's small and looks like a child. Kid Boo is insane, he enjoys causing pain. Out of frustration, he destroys the earth. Before the earth was destroyed, Goku was able to teleport to Kaioshin's planet with the help of the Kaioshin Vegeta, Dende and Mr. Satan. Meanwhile, Kid Boo regenerated in space and then traveled to the Kaioshin's planet to kill everyone. Son Goku fought as a mega-Saiyan against Kid Boo and was able to hold out to some extent. Still, Kid Boo was stronger. When Boo tried to kill Mr. Satan, he pushed Good Boo out of himself, who then fought Kid Boo. Son Goku lost the level of the SSJ3 because he could no longer hold the energy. Vegeta then asked Dende to collect the Dragon Balls on Namek so that they could wish the earth back to its shape and all the inhabitants were alive again. Vegeta asked Goku to do a Genkidama with the energy of the earth people. Son Goku had difficulty collecting the energy because the people on earth thought it was Babidi. It was only when Mr. Satan asked the world to help that everyone listened. Goku received the energy for the Genkidama and hurled it at Kid Boo. He was able to push the Genkidama back to Son Goku because Goku was at the end of his strength. Dende asked Namek Polunga for a third wish that he should restore the strength of Son Goku. Goku now had his required strength again and was able to hurl the Genkidama into its target. Kid Boo was then completely killed by it. While Kid Boo was dying, Goku wished he could be resuscitated as a "good person".


Oob is the reincarnation of Kid Boo. He was born a good person and had incredible strength for his age. He had so much potential that Goku decided to train him. Oob didn't know about his last life, but he knew that he was gifted with all his strength. Later in DBGT, Oob and Good Boo realized they were once a person. Because of this, the two reunited as one person to fight Baby.

Background information

  • Boo, his creator Bibidi, and his son Babidi, got their names from the magic spell of the fairy godmother from "Cinderella". There is a passage: "Bibidi-Babidi-Boo".
  • It is the template for Akira Toriyama's children's book "Toccio the Angel"