What if Nappa and Raditz were alive

What if: Dragonball today. When people watch a series or read a few volumes of a book, one often wonders: what would have happened if a little detail had happened differently. I would like to answer these questions from logical conclusions. Today we deal with 3 questions from the popular manga: Dragonball and Dragonball Z (Nobody likes Dragonball GT anyway, so why talk about it. If you don't know or don't like this anime / manga, you might like the next topic in the next chapter

Question number 1: what if Son Goku hadn't fallen on his head?
Yes, we all know. The little baby is always in a bad mood, just does stupid things, and generally looks very angry. But it falls on its head from a great height and experiences a change of mood. The grumpy baby becomes a polite and nice child named Goku. As we will find out later, Goku is a Sayajin, an alien from a great warrior people. He was sent to earth to wipe out the population so that the planet could be sold. But because he forgot this job with the headbutt, he thought he was human, made friends and new teachers, got married and had many adventures against aliens, cyborgs, demons and Co. So far, so good.
Son Goku would have managed to beat the majority of the world's population and kill them. Having learned how to get along as a wer-monkey, he eliminated the population in a matter of months. Finally Raditz, Goku's brother, is born and picks him up for the planetary mission on Namek. Here we are slowly coming to a problem, because the Ginyu Force would have defeated both Raditz and Nappa in the twinkling of an eye. Goku and Vegeta are left in the fight against Freezer. Vegeta would die roughly on the second or third form. This is usually where the moment would come when Goku would get angry and transform into a Super Saiyan. The moment does not come, however, because in order to achieve this form one also has to have a pure heart. Freezer not only destroys Namek, but the entire Dragonball story
Question number 2: what if the Z warriors got angry?
This is actually a very funny theory on my part. I mean: The Z-warriors consist of Yamcha, Kuririn, Ten-Shin-Han and Chao-Zu. If they'd got angry after they formed a group, everyone knows that Goku would have beaten them in no time. I mean, Yamcha dies in the original against a plant man, Kurirn dies twice in every adventure anyway, Chao-Zu tries to defeat someone and kills himself ... The strongest person is Tenshinhan. However, Goku has already proven at the tournament that he is the stronger when it comes to speed and strength. So, if they had come together against him, then Goku would probably have done Chao-Zu first, then Yamcha with ki attacks and Kuririn and Tenshinhan with melee and tempo attacks. Here you can still see how weak people have been portrayed since Dragonball Z.
Question number 3: What if: God died of old age before Vegeta?
There are 2 variants here.
Variant 1: He dies before Goku is reborn. It is quite simple here, the dragon balls then no longer exist and Goku can no longer return to earth and Vegeta destroys the Z-warriors and Goku's son Gohan.
Variant 2: God dies shortly after Goku is on earth. It gets more difficult here. Piccolo can't buy any time and dies before he can fend off Nappa's beam on Gohan. So Gohan is dying. Somehow the deceased come to Master Kaio anyway, as it was in the manga. It would be stupid to Namek if Dende wished Piccolo would live again because God would then simply die again afterwards. So he wishes for Son-Gohan back, who has become stronger through Master Kaio's training, but has not yet gotten close to Piccolo and cannot connect with the dying Namek either. So he would have lost against freezers 3rd form and Goku would have lacked the stamina to come up against 3 forms, even as a super saiyan. As we can see, the end comes more often with Freezer than we think. You can decide next time. 3 questions what if. Either: The Last Airbender or Harry Potter. You decide
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