How much is an apprentice paid

Apprentice compensation: how much money are apprentices entitled to?

Career with an apprenticeship - including the first self-earned money. Because unlike schoolchildren, apprentices are entitled to apprentice compensation, i.e. money for their work, which is also training. Because although vocational training is in the foreground in an apprenticeship, it is still an employment relationship. However, it is not that easy to find out what which apprentice earns in which year.

  • Normally the amount of the apprenticeship remuneration is regulated in the respective collective agreement and increases with each year of apprenticeship.
  • If there is no collective agreement, the amount of the apprenticeship remuneration is determined by an application from the Federal Unification Office. If there is no regulation for this either, the apprentice compensation must be agreed individually in the apprenticeship contract.
  • The amount of the apprenticeship remuneration can vary widely between the individual apprenticeships.
  • Collective agreements always apply to certain industries. It is therefore possible that the same apprenticeship (e.g. industrial clerk) in different sectors (e.g. construction, clothing, etc.) has different levels of apprentice compensation.
  • Collective agreements can also differ from one another depending on the region.
  • There are often special regulations for apprentices who have already passed the Matura or for those over the age of 18.
  • Information about the apprenticeship remuneration stipulated in the collective agreement can be found on the Apprentice Remuneration page in Austria.


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