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Since Fujitsu is the last German (Augsburg) and European computer manufacturer despite the Japanese umbrella company, its products enjoy a certain home advantage in this country and benefit from the “Made in Germany” image abroad. Not entirely without good reason, there was a lot of engineering work in the earlier Siemens (and even earlier Nixdorf) devices.
According to Fujitsu, the factory in Augsburg is one of the most efficient production facilities in the world. Around 9,000 main boards are produced every day. Compared with a delivery of finished mainboards from Asia, "Made in Germany" means a saving of around 2 liters of kerosene per mainboard.

Source: www.elektronikpraxis.vogel.de/ and www.pcgameshardware.de/
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Wortmann AG is a computer manufacturer based in Schnathorst, North Rhine-Westphalia. The company manufactures business PCs and servers. The products "Made in Germany" are carried under the TERRA own brand. As a successful IT company, WORTMANN AG is able to look back on an unbroken successful past that is now more than 20 years old.

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The MEDION business model, which has been tried and tested nationally and internationally for over 25 years, is geared towards providing consumers, together with retail partners, with functionally high-quality and innovative trend products in consumer electronics in an attractive design, state-of-the-art technology, top quality and excellent value for money -Proportion. Medion is now a subsidiary of Lenovo, which owns 87.5% of the shares. A large part of all desktop PC models, for example Akoya P5222 E and P5237 E, are assembled in Germany.

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The Pandora is a mixture between a PC, handheld and a game console. The Pandora with Linux software is a full-fledged PC and a comprehensive multimedia, game and work platform, including the use of programs developed by hand, which is unusual for handhelds. According to the manufacturer, the Pandora is particularly suitable for emulators. This means that classic game consoles, home computers and arcade machines can be faithfully reproduced on the device. PlayStation, Super NES, Mega Drive, Game Boy, Amiga, MS-DOS, Android and many others are functional.

AVM Computersysteme Vertriebs GmbH

The company, founded in Berlin in 1986, is one of the two leading providers of broadband end devices in Europe. In Germany, the largest European market, AVM is the market leader with over 50 percent. In the 2011 financial year, AVM achieved sales of EUR 220 million with 400 employees. The Fritz! Boxes are manufactured or assembled by the German company RAFI. Individual components such as power supplies, circuit boards, etc. come from the Far East.

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LANCON Systems

LANCOM Systems is a leading German manufacturer of reliable and innovative network solutions for business customers and institutions. As a specialist in solutions for highly secure site networking (VPN) for companies and authorities as well as wireless networks (Wireless LAN) for public and internal company applications, we have developed into a top provider in Europe in recent years. Source of supply Lancom

CHERRY - ZF Friedrichshafen AG

CHERRY is a brand of ZF Friedrichshafen AG. The red cherries have stood for high-quality and well-designed computer input devices for over four decades. In addition to keyboards, mice and reading devices, switches and controls for industrial and household appliance applications are also developed and produced under the CHERRY brand. The majority of sales are now made with parts for the automotive industry.

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Sennheiser electronic GmbH & Co. KG

For more than 65 years our name has stood for quality products, real sound and tailor-made solutions when it comes to recording, transmission and sound reproduction ... Thanks to German engineering, decades of experience in professional business and innovative science, we remain true to the unadulterated sound and create new ones Standards in the field of headphones, headsets, microphones and integrated systems ... In 2011 Sennheiser had 2183 employees, 1177 of them in Germany.

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Avira Operations GmbH & Co. KG

Avira Premium Security Suite - all-round protection for you and your family. Do you bank and buy online? Do you share your computer with other family members such as your partner or your children? If you answered only one of these questions with "yes", then the matter is clear - get the Avira Premium Security Suite and then sit back and relax. Your personal financial information and valuable pictures are completely safe. Source of supply AVIRA

Gigaset Communications GmbH

Gigaset Communications GmbH is a global manufacturer of DECT telephones. The company emerged in 2008 from Siemens Home and Office Communication Devices, a 100 percent subsidiary of Siemens AG. The product range includes cordless telephones for landline telephony (analog and ISDN network) and IP telephony (VoIP). Gigaset Communications GmbH develops and manufactures communication terminals in Bocholt. At the beginning of 2009, Gigaset had 2100 employees, 1670 of them in Germany. Source of supply Gigaset

xlyne GmbH

Xlyne GmbH is a company of the SK Group based in Neuenrade, Germany. SK Holding, founded in 1979, employs more than 100 people. Xlyne GmbH's business focus is on the development and production of own brands (OEM business) in the field of blank storage media and multimedia accessories. CD-R blanks, DVD + R blanks, Blu-Ray-R-RE blanks made in Germany (according to own information as the only manufacturer). These blank CDs and DVDs are also offered by the Norma retail chain under the name "SK" (see also Stiftung Warentest, issue 8/2008)

NagerIT e.V.

Fair electronics? There is fair tea, fair coffee, fair cocoa, fair clothing ... But what about computers, smartphones and their electronic accessories? Our PC mouse is manufactured in an integration workshop and a workshop for disabled people in southern Germany. Our selected workshops routinely serve industrial orders. They have strict social standards so that decent working conditions are ensured. When procuring the materials, we make sure that, as far as possible, we source components from countries with very good social and environmental standards. If this is not possible, we will take the most environmentally friendly option.

In Germany there are software manufacturers who have developed alternative software to the dominant Microsoft products.

SoftMaker Office
largely Microsoft compatible www.softmaker.de

Papyrus author
comfortable writing program www.papyrus.de

There are internationally recognized computer game developers in Germany. The list on www.deutschecomputerspiele.de/ names companies that are involved in the development, production and sale of computer games and that are or were active in Germany.


Bigpoint GmbH is a German software company that specializes in the development and distribution of browser and online games. According to its own information, Bigpoint is one of the largest browser game manufacturers in the world and has around 200 million registered players. Bigpoint is now one of the largest German computer game companies with over 800 employees. The most famous games from BIGPOINT are: SEAFIGHT, DARKORBIT, BATTLESTAR GALACTICA, FARMERAMA, SUPERSTAR RACING etc.

Other computer companies that assemble PCs in Germany

Schenker Technologies GmbH www.schenker-tech.de
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VCM PC systems www.vcm-moebel.de

bluechip Computer AG www.bluechip.de
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TAROX Aktiengesellschaft                                          www.tarox.de
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ICO Innovative Computer GmbH www.ico.de

EXTRA Computer GmbH                              www.extracomputer.de

ECT Service GmbH - one.de                                         www.one.de

transtec AGwww.rombus.de

Other electronics companies

Toner online shop Laser printer tonerwww.toner-onlineshop.info
ReinerSCT Smart card readerwww.reiner-sct.com
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