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LEGO Super Mario: you've never played like this before

You have never experienced Mario like this before: It is an impressive cooperation that Nintendo and LEGO have entered into for the new LEGO Super Mario building block set. In addition to the starter set with the interactive Super Mario figure, 13 other sets will appear on August 1st, with which you can creatively expand your Mario world yourself. "Today" has already unpacked and set off the starter set, the piranha plant power seesaw, the giant Kugelwillis, Toad's treasure hunt and the Mario cat suit.

There aren't many rules in the LEGO set

Players should build and play their own levels from the blocks at will and either use each set as their own level - or mix them up with each other. The longer, larger and more spectacular a building, the more coins the player can get with the Mario figure. The only restriction: the game world must be able to be completed in 60 seconds (or a little more if you add time bonus stones).

There are no limits to the imagination: The player decides which building block friends, enemies and environments are used.

The starting point of the level is always Mario's starting pipe, the end of the level is marked by the target pole. The Mario figure is brought to life with two AAA batteries and can detect movements such as running and jumping via a gyroscope.

No "game over"

An optical sensor on the underside of the figure can also read building and action stones. If the figure walks across a blue field, for example, Mario recognizes that he is currently underwater, does the plumber hop on an action stone, he collects either coins, time bonuses or a life mushroom.

Depending on the set, the environments are diverse and consist of red (lava), blue (water), yellow (sand) and green (grass) blocks. It includes normal, flat paths as well as high platforms and special structures such as mushroom houses, balance seesaws or spinning tops. When the starting field is touched, the countdown begins on the small LCD screen of the figure, when the target field is reached it stops and the display shows the number of coins collected. Mario also shows all collected power-ups and bonuses on the screen of his dungarees.

Unlike the plumber in video games, the LEGO Mario figure does not know "Game Over". If the time for a level runs out, Mario comments with a loud "Oh, no!" from the loudspeaker and with a sad face on the other screens of the character. Even lava doesn't stop Mario, even if he makes a startled noise. On the other hand, if you start the Mario figure with the power button, the plumber blinks and laughs at the player and greets him with "It's Mario Time!". When playing a level, the classic Mario music including jump sound and Co. is played (see video above).

It's Mario Time!

Generally speaking, the LEGO Mario's sayings and facial expressions are adorable. Many effects only become apparent when you try them out. If you leave Mario switched on, for example, his eyes close and he starts to snore. Although not absolutely necessary, the app for iOS and Android that belongs to the game is nice.

If you connect and use it with the Mario figure via Bluetooth, you not only get your coin records and levels saved, but also digital step-by-step building instructions, suggestions for new level ideas and, if you wish, the possibility of taking photos of your own levels and including Friends to share.

What initially looks like a weakness is in fact the game's greatest strength: It doesn't tell you how to put the various platforms and building blocks together. And because there are hardly any rules of the game, you are initially faced with the problem of not really knowing how to put the individual elements together. After a few tries, you will see that what is fun is allowed. However, the more you play and learn the mechanics, the more spectacular levels arise in your own living room.

The "Today"-Conclusion is ...

If you also use upgrades such as Mario's cat suit, new forms of locomotion such as defecating on walls are added. The price for the sets themselves is fair: the already well-stocked starter set costs 60 euros, the suits cost ten euros, the other sets range from around 20 to 100 euros.

The "Today"Conclusion: LEGO physically brings the beloved Super Mario to life with classic LEGO bricks and digital functions. Children and adults alike (not just Super Mario fans) will love the clever series and the imaginative creations. Or, to make it short with Mario's words: "WOOHOO!"

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