Godzilla is a dinosaur


dinosaur are a group of vertebrates, belonging to the reptiles, which lived in the Middle Ages and was dominant during this time, which is why they are also referred to as rulers' reptiles. They existed on Earth 250 million years ago and died out around 65 million years ago. However, some representatives still exist within the Godzilla series.

General characteristics [edit | Edit source]

The dinosaurs differ from most other reptiles, among other things, by their hip joint; While most reptiles have legs spread apart from the body, the legs of dinosaurs lie upright under the pelvic bones. There were two- and four-legged species of dinosaurs.

Another feature that sets dinosaurs apart from other reptiles is that most of the dinosaurs were arguably warm-blooded. Dinosaurs were also found in areas where cold-blooded animals could not survive, for example in Antarctica.

Some dinosaurs wore plumage, even in the warmer areas. As cold-blooded animals, they would have overheated with such a body covering. Most dinosaurs, however, had scaly skin.

In addition, some dinosaurs had beaks.

Today's relatives Edit source]

There are still relatives of the dinosaurs today, including crocodiles and birds. The latter are the descendants of the dinosaurs. One of the oldest birds was the Archeopteryx found in Germany, which lived around 152-145 million years ago. Like today's birds, it already had plumage, but it still had claws on its hands, a muscular tail and teeth. Besides, he could only slide. Over time, these beings lost the claws on their hands, teeth and many muscles because they were too heavy to fly. The bones became lighter and a lighter beak replaced the dentition.

Since the birds are descended from dinosaurs, they themselves are dinosaurs according to the rules of cladistics.

Extinction Edit source]

About 65 million years ago, at the end of the Middle Ages, all so-called non-bird dinosaurs died out. It is not yet clear what triggered the mass extinction.

One theory is that a meteorite impact in the Gulf of Mexico caused the extinction. He is said to have caused tidal waves, forest fires, earthquakes and a cooling of the climate worldwide.

Another popular theory is that increased volcanism was responsible and also caused the climate to cool.

Dinosaur groups Edit source]

Lizardfish (Saurischier) [edit | Edit source]

  • Theropods: Mostly carnivorous, two-legged dinosaurs with legs similar to those of today's birds. Many of them had feathers. The best known theropods include spinosaurs, tyrannosaurs and velociraptors. In addition, today's birds are classed as theropods.

Bird pelvic dinosaur (ornithic) [edit | Edit source]

The following sections are still in progress!

CERATOPSIDEN: herbivorous dinosaurs. Are known for their horns and collar shields. Most of the species were quadruped. Well-known genera are: Triceratops, Protoceratops and Styracosaurus.

STESOSAUR: herbivores. Had bone plates on their backs, necks, and tails, and had a spiky tail too. They were quadrupeds. Well-known genera are: Stegosaurus, Kentrosaurus and Tuojiangosaurus.

ANKYLOSAUR: herbivores. Relate to the stegosaur. They had armor and spikes all over their bodies. Some species had a tail lobe. Well-known species are: Ankylosaurus, Gastonia and Edmontonia.

ORNITHOPODS: herbivores. had bird-like legs. Could move forward on four or two legs. Many species had headdresses and duck-like beaks. Well-known genera are: Iguanodon, Parasaurolophus and Dryosaurus.

PACHYCEPHALOSAUR: most of them were herbivores. Resembled the ornithopods. Had a hard, domed skull roof. Well-known genera are: Pachycephalosaurus, Stegoceras and Homalocephale.

other extinct reptiles

These reptiles are often confused with dinosaurs, although their body structure makes them different from dinosaurs.

PTEROSAURS: flying reptiles. They had bat-like wings. Many species had a beak. The largest pterosaurs had a wingspan of about 12 meters. They were closely related to the dinosaurs. Well-known genera are: Pteranodon, Pterodactylus and Rhamphorhynchus.

PLESIOSAUR: marine reptiles. Owned flippers like sea turtles. Many species had long necks, similar to the sauropodomorphs. Well-known genera are: Plesiosaurus, Elasmosaurus and Liopleurodon.

SYNAPSIDS: were little related to dinosaurs. They were the ancestors of mammals. Well-known genera are: Dimetrodon, Cynognathus and Lystrosaurus.

Dinosaurs and other giant reptiles in Japanese monster films

Because the fictional dinosaur Godzilla plays the leading role in the Godzilla films, the main monsters of the Godzilla films are dinosaurs and other prehistoric animals. However, other monsters also appear in the films, for example aliens or demons.

The dinosaurs are shown way too big in the films so that they can also destroy buildings. Also, most of the dinosaurs are fictional (which is actually very cool because the scientists haven't found all of the dinosaurs and some of the dinosaurs they haven't found might look like the dinosaurs from the Japanese monster movies).