Why is Williamsburg NYC rent cheap

Expensive short trip : A domicile in Times Square

It is well known that I am not a fan of ill-considered spending. That's why I avoid traveling over the holidays. On such occasions, when many are drawn into the distance, inflated prices are often charged. So I prefer to accept that all the relatives will gather with us, then I don't have to go on my way.

Well, things turned out differently this year. Due to a fortunate circumstance that does not matter here, an apartment in New York fell into our laps for a week, so to speak, for my wife and me.

A Danaer present, as I immediately sensed. Danaer present? For those who are neither familiar with Greek verses nor with the ancient Latins: The expression goes back to the Trojan horse and its interpretation by Virgil and means a gift that is dearly for the recipient.

“Honey,” said my wife immediately, “New York, what are you hesitating?” I could have said a lot about that, about Troy, for example, after all she has the Latinum and the Graecum. But I didn't want to appear petty, not at Christmas.

Luggage is extra

Even the flight was not a bargain, especially since the baggage check-in was not so easy to book, but had to be paid for separately - it was called “ticket light” or something like that.

When I arrived in New York, I saw the future. It was an apartment in a very central location in the heart of Manhattan, but it was also the smallest apartment I have ever set foot in. Even though that wasn't easy, the first guest had to push himself to the side a little so that the second including the expensive suitcase could fit into it.

Such apartments are apparently standard in Manhattan. And not only there, from Paris, I know that the former girls' rooms - these were accommodations that used to be reserved for domestic servants and were basically nothing more than drawers on the mezzanine - are now rented out expensively as apartments.

It doesn't take a lot of imagination to imagine that this could also become common in Berlin. As it was in the past. My grandmother used to like to tell about Christmas how she lived in two rooms as a child with two siblings and their parents.

Expensive water from the supermarket

We then went shopping first. A bottle of mineral water in a Manhattan supermarket was $ 2.79, I left the beer - the six-pack was 12.99. And the salami pack too, well, there was also a little ham. In the customer queue at Trader Joe’s, a kind of noble Aldi offshoot in the USA, we discussed the fact that groceries are actually much too cheap in Germany. Which of course does not mean that New York mineral water is better. In any case, I couldn't tell the difference. Yes, with tap water, it tasted like chlorine.

On the return flight I spent a sleepless night in the economy class, which means that every now and then I nodded off after all. After all, I dreamed of the Trojan War, in which suddenly signs appeared that turned into Berlin rent caps. "Hold higher!" I called and woke up in the hail of arrows. In fact, it was probably my pinched blood vessels that were pinching.

“But it was nice too,” said my wife, forgiving, “especially the New Year's Eve party on the East River”. That's right, the sparkling wine was even included. Just don't ask what the tickets cost.

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