Mobile apps for startups

Practical iOS apps for founders

Building your own existence is like a bold undertaking and an adventure at the same time. Because anyone who becomes self-employed has a lot to do and has to keep an eye on all information and tasks. Even if you can read a lot on the Internet, it is often difficult to find exactly the right information at the right time. Especially when you are on the go and cannot sit at your PC or laptop. Apps that you can use on the iPhone or iPad on the go are suitable for this. Most of the time, the mobile helpers are even clearer and summarize essential information better than some websites.

In our gallery with practical iOS apps for founders, you will find programs for creating a business plan as well as apps that will support you with tips right from the start and those that can be helpful in teamwork and presentations:

  1. For the path to independence
    Are you building your own existence and need support at one point or another? We have selected iOS apps that will help you on your way to self-employment.
  2. BMWi business plan
    This free app from the Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy supports you step by step in creating your own business plan. The app is divided into several categories. In the “Business Concept” area you create the written part of the business plan and under “Finances” you plan your financial resources for the first few years. At this point you have the option of generating a liquidity and profitability forecast and drawing up a financing plan. You can also set milestones in order to keep an overview of the upcoming tasks for the start-up.

  3. Price: free
  4. Buffer
    Social media marketing is now simply part of it. However, the filling of the channels is tedious and time consuming. This is where the Buffer app comes into play. It represents a kind of distribution center from which social media communication can be operated on all of your social platforms. In addition, reach and triggered interactions such as retweets, shares, likes and comments can be viewed using the analysis function. A must for anyone who posts daily articles. The following platforms are supported: Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, LinkedIn and

  5. Price: free
  6. Funding
    The funding app lists the 400 most important funding available in Germany. In addition to funding for private purposes, there are also funding for business start-ups. There is detailed information on each funding program as well as a subsidy calculator for solar power, solar heat and more. It is worth a try for sure.

  7. Price: 3.99 euros
  8. Haiku deck
    The free Haiku Deck app is a great alternative to the paid presentation app Keynote. You start a new haiku with a slide in which the slide design and the background color can be determined. In addition to text, images and graphics, diagrams and graphs can also be generated. The text size and line spacing are automatically adjusted to the amount of text, which saves you the hassle of formatting. Finished presentations can be integrated on your website or saved online, whereby you can only allow certain people access here.

  9. Price: free
  10. Keynote
    With clear and beautifully designed presentations, founders appear professional from the start. The Keynote presentation tool, specially developed for Apple products, belongs on every iOS device. For a presentation, select one of 30 pre-designed slide masters and add text, diagrams, images, tables, animations or shapes. If iCloud is activated, you can edit the presentation across all iOS devices.

  11. Price: 9.99 euros
  12. Kickstarter
    Do you have “the” business idea but don't know how to finance it? Then download the Kickstarter app. You can use crowdfunding to collect money for your projects and products from all over the world. You present your project or product to the “crowd” with images, texts and videos. As a project manager, you set an amount of money that you need to implement the project. Kickstarter users loved by your project can then decide on a certain amount that you donate to their project.

  13. Price: free
  14. MailChimp
    The first newsletters are pending, but you don't yet know which system you would like to use to send them? Then MailChimp is just the thing. The prerequisite is that you are able to speak English, as the app is only available in English. Your shop will be connected to MailChimp so that you can easily create and send newsletters. In the app, customer lists can be created on the basis of customer and order data and thus targeted e-mail campaigns can be tracked. The service is free for up to 2,000 subscribers and 12,000 emails per month. Statistics on sent newsletters can also be viewed.

  1. Price: free
  2. Start app
  3. The app of the Federal Ministry of Economics supports start-ups in setting up their companies and on the way to self-employment. The app is divided into the categories of coaching, financing, competitions, checklists, stories, news and info hotlines. Under the heading News, founders are kept up to date on important news from the start-up world. Consulting offers are listed under Coaching and founders can find information on funding programs under Financing. The start-up dictionary is useful for looking up various terms relating to the topic of start-ups.
  4. Price: free
  5. SurveyMonkey
  6. Regular inquiries about the quantity and potential customers of your product are part of every project and product cycle. With the SurveyMonkey app, you can create surveys and polls and send them to anyone via email or social networks. The answer can even be tracked in real time.
  7. Price: free
  8. Tech startup genius
  9. In order to be able to have a say with investors and in the business world, you should have a certain amount of know-how. To acquire this, business people from startups in New York and Silicon Valley have developed the Tech Startup Genius app. Basically, the app is a collection of well-known people, organizations, and buzz words that you should know if you are in the tech market. Definitely worth a download.
  10. Price: free
  11. Todo cloud
  12. It is important for startups and founders to keep an overview of all their tasks, especially who is working on them. The Todo-Cloud app helps you organize, collaborate and manage task lists in a team. The app includes: projects, subtasks, start dates, completion dates, recurring tasks, task alerts, drag-and-drop, search and more. The location awareness "Location Awareness" can even remind you of tasks as soon as you are in the vicinity of the relevant location.
  13. Price: free
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