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The yeti - the scariest creatures from legends, sagas and fables, part 14

Huge, ape-like and snow-covered - this is how we imagine the legendary Yeti, who is not unlike the Bigfoot.

But where does it come from yeti at all? What does he look like and what does he do? Our Yeti experts have put together everything you need to know!


The origin of the yeti

The word yeti comes from the Tibetan (གཡའ་ དྲེད g.ya 'dred) and literally means translated "Rock bear”. In German we also know the Yeti by the name Snowman. The sherpa, a Tibetan people, derive the term Yeti from the terms Ye for "rock" and The for "animal" here. In Tibet the Yeti is called Migö (Wild man) or Aisle Wed (Glacier man) designated. The Lepcha, an ethnic group of the eastern Himalayan region, also call the YetiLomung (Mountain spirit) or Chumung (Snow spirit).

That brings us to the origin or home of the Yeti - this is in the Himalayas in Asia, between India and the Tibetan highlands.


Yeti expeditions in the Himalayas and alleged evidence of existence

The legend of the Yeti has been told in Tibet for centuries. About 100 years ago this legend came to Europe - and the hunt for the legendary mythical creature began.

In 1951 the climber climbed Eric Shipton the mountains of the Himalayan range. At about 6000 meters he came across a footprint in the snow with huge toes. He put his pimple next to it and took the first photo that went around the world.

The first went in 1953 Yeti expeditions Come on. At this point in time, the first people Edmund Hillary and Tenzing Norgayto climb the summit of the highest mountain in the world, Mount Everest. They too discovered alleged footprints of the Yeti. From then on, Hillary did everything possible to convince mankind of the existence of the Yeti and invested a lot of money - among other things, to present antelope fur as alleged yeti fur.

Even today, people who believe in the Yeti meet regularly, including many scientists. They want to advance Yeti research. Belief in the Yeti is based on such interesting evidence as this: a scientist puts a turkey outside the door every year. But she never films it because Yetis cameras can “feel” it. The next morning the turkey always miraculously disappeared. That must have been a yeti! Or just a hungry neighbor? You never know!



The appearance of the yeti

Similar to Bigfoot, the Yeti is said to be huge. It will be of a size between 2 and 3 meters spoken. He's supposed to be over 200kg be heavy and footprints up to 43cm length to have. He should be a Monkey animal be with a pointed skull and have sparse, reddish hair.

The yetis are supposed to feed on meat - for example, they steal pets and even eat bears' food.


Reinhold Messner and the counter-evidence

The climber Reinhold Messner explained in his book "Yeti - legend and reality”That the Yeti is not a snowman or a Neanderthal, but rather a bear that started the stories. According to Messner, it is a bear species that occurs on the north side of the Himalayas. Now and then these bears came and come over the passes to look for females. This also created the footprints that were photographed. As a mountaineer, Messner has climbed all 14 so-called eight-thousanders, i.e. the highest peaks in the Himalayas, and has been researching the subject of Yeti for over 10 years.

In May 2012, the researchers called Bryan Sykes and Michel Sartori Incidentally, the whole world is encouraged to submit suspected samples (i.e. fur, bones, teeth) of the Yeti so that they can compare and check them. Most of the preparations could be assigned to the genetic material of polar, brown and black bears, horses, cows, sheep, raccoons, deer and even humans. Two hair samples from India and Bhutan, however, puzzled the scientists: although they found a match with the genetic makeup of a polar bear, it had been extinct for around 40,000 years.

So possibly the mysterious Yeti is one still unknown bear species.


The Yeti in the movie

Of course, like so many other mythological beings, the Yeti is used for exciting films. Nevertheless, the yeti is much less common in pop culture than e.g. vampires, mermaids or zombies. Is it because he's too similar to humans? Decide for yourself!

You can see Yetis in the two horror films "Yeti - the snow monster" and "Yeti - The Secret of Glacier Peak”Marvel at. But be careful - in the first of the two films you not only meet a meat-obsessed yeti, but you also have to deal with cannibalism as a result of a plane crash!

It's a little more adventurous and less scary in "Yeti, the snowman”From 1957 too. It's about a Yeti expedition to the Himalayas!

There is a child-friendly film with "Smallfoot - An icy adventure”, An animated film that does not take people's perspective, but is told from the perspective of a young yeti.

How do you feel about the yeti? Do you think that beings like the Yeti or Bigfoot actually exist? Let us know in the comments!



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