How long do Dutch warm-blooded people live

Purchase: Large selection and variety of prices

Do the balanced character and the athletic abilities of the warmblood make your heart beat faster? If you want to buy a warmblood, you have a distinct advantage: there are around 100 breeds in different price ranges. With a little research, you are guaranteed to find a warmblood that fits your ideas.

The price range is also wide. The prices for young warmblood horses are usually in the lower four-digit range, while horses that have already been trained and of good ancestry are significantly more expensive. You can buy a warmblood horse directly from the breeder or from private sources, you will also find what you are looking for at breeders' fairs and auctions.

As with all horses: Find out more, think carefully about how you want to use your horse and take enough time to get to know your future companion better.

Whole blood or warm blood?

If you are looking for a sporty horse, you often ask yourself whether a thoroughbred or a warmblood is more suitable. Even with this decision, the most important thing is how you want to use your horse.

The thoroughbred is the better racehorse, but it is more demanding in terms of posture and character than a warmblood. Beginners are often better served with the warmblood, as it is more balanced and also serves well as a leisure horse.