Is it worth getting MS

Multiple Sclerosis: Getting Symptoms Under Control

Multiple sclerosis is often accompanied by symptoms that can impair the health of the patient and reduce the quality of life. In addition to basic therapy, targeted treatment of complaints is recommended.

The German Multiple Sclerosis Society (DMSG) has published a guide to symptomatic therapy on various MS symptoms and treatment options. This can be ordered in the online shop at and from the branch offices of the regional associations.

Depending on the area of ​​the brain or spinal cord in MS, the nerves are damaged by inflammation and how pronounced the inflammation foci are, they can result in various symptoms, such as muscle pain or visual disturbances. Some of the symptoms may subside on their own, others worsen over time - gradually or in spurts, depending on the course of the disease.

Various measures

says Prof. Dr. med. Thomas Henze from the Passauer Wolf Rehabilitation Center in Nittenau. Depending on the symptom, different approaches come into question, which are also combined with one another: medication, physiotherapy and occupational therapy, cognitive and psychotherapy as well as rehabilitation.

Complementary methods such as traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) are also interesting: certain relaxation techniques are effective against stress or depression, acupuncture can help with pain and medicinal herbs can counteract severe fatigue.

Use help

The prerequisite for treatment is that those affected speak about their complaints. The invisible symptoms in particular often go untreated. says Prof. Henze. Others feel ashamed of addressing problems with their bladder or sexuality. Memory and concentration problems are also rarely discussed. There is often great concern that it could be a sign of dementia and that one has to come to terms with it. Cognitive training could help to learn to bridge weaknesses in memory. It is always worthwhile to have health complaints clarified. In this way, other diseases can be excluded and, in the case of MS, measures for symptomatic treatment can be determined together with the neurologist, which improve the patient's well-being. ag