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web2disk - web2disk web2disk URL where URL is e.g. B. is whenever you add arguments with spaces web2disk pass these arguments in quotation marks. For example: "/ some path / with spaces"


--base-dir,-d Basic directory in which the URL is saved. The default setting is. --delay Smallest interval in seconds between successive polls. The default setting is 0 s --dont-download-stylesheets Do not download CSS stylesheets. --encoding The character encoding for websites you are trying to load. In the default setting, an attempt is made to determine the coding. --filter-regexp Any reference described by this regular expression is ignored. This option can be specified more than once, in which case any reference that is described by any of the regular expressions is ignored. By default, no reference is ignored. If both filter and search terms are used, the filter terms are applied first. --help,-H Show this help text and exit. --match-regexp Only references that match this regular expression are followed. This option can be specified multiple times, so references are followed as long as they match a regular expression. By default, all references are followed. --max-files,-n Maximum number of files to download. This only applies to files from keywords. The default setting is 9223372036854775807 --max-recursions,-r Maximum number of levels involved, e.g. B. Depth of References that are Followed. Default setting 1 --time-out,-t Timeout in seconds while waiting for a response from the server. Standard setting: 10.0 s --verbose Show detailed output information. Useful for diagnosing errors --version Show program version and exit


Kovid Goyal


Kovid Goyal