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German automotive supplier opens plant in Saltillo, Mexico

Tucson, Ariz., March 23 / PRNewswire - AKT altmärker Kunststoff-Technik GmbH from Gardelegen (Germany) has reached a contractual agreement with The Offshore Group from Tucson, Arizona, to support the outsourcing of production and the provision of storage space in Saltillo, Mexico. The company signed a lease for a 34,822 square foot industrial facility in The Offshore Group's La Angostura Industrial Park. AKT is joining two other German companies, OKE GmbH and Turck, Inc., which are already present at this location.

As soon as the project is operational, AKT will employ around 83 people on site. The company will manufacture injection molded parts for the automotive industry.

According to Roland Klühspies, Head of Customer Business, "our decision to establish a facility in Mexico was based on the desire to offer our customers in North America a cost-effective solution. We have full confidence in the productivity of the internal workforce at The Offshore Group's Saltillo site . "

AKT is headquartered in Gardelegen / Altmark, Germany. The company was founded in 1991 and is one of the leading manufacturers of plastic injection molded parts.

AKT is a provider of numerous products that have been further processed through a finishing process. The company is thus able to supply painted, flocked or back-molded parts as well as complex assemblies for the interior, the engine compartment and the security area. With international locations in Europe and overseas, AKT is ideally positioned to face the challenges of global competition.

The Tucson-based Offshore Group currently offers 60 global companies in the automotive, aerospace, electronics, heating, ventilation and air conditioning, medical device and general manufacturing industries support with outsourcing production or providing storage space.

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