What does Kamala Harris think of immigration?

Practical test on behalf of Biden : Kamala Harris aims to curb illegal immigration

Now Kamala Harris has her first big job. For a long time it had been puzzled as to what role the first American female vice president would play in the new administration, aside from her responsibility as president of the Senate if the Democrats had to break the stalemate in this congressional chamber. On Wednesday (local time), US President Joe Biden entrusted her with one of the trickiest tasks that he currently has to assign: curbing migration from neighboring countries to the south, which has led to a very tense situation on the border with Mexico in recent weeks Has.

How complicated this is, Biden made it clear on Wednesday: "I'm giving you a difficult task." But no one is better suited than Kamala Harris to get this problem under control, the president said. Harris should now find solutions with Mexico, Guatemala, Honduras and El Salvador to reduce the number of migrants again.

Biden has given Harris a task that is just as important as Barack Obama once did to him: Right at the start of their first term in office in 2009, Biden was supposed to help overcome the severe financial crisis and get the economy going again.

Biden wants a collaboration similar to what he had with Obama

He was also supposed to bring home the 150,000 American soldiers who were still there, six years after the start of the Iraq war. And Obama also entrusted his deputy with the already difficult topic of reforming the immigration law - after all, he had gained experience in the Senate for 36 years and made contacts. In the election campaign, Biden repeatedly advertised how much Obama had trusted him over the years and had relied on him.

Obviously he would like to work with his deputy as well. Regarding the roles, Biden says, “If she speaks, then she speaks for me.” Harris, who is also the first African American and Asian-American American in the role of Vice President, is considered to be a possible successor to Biden.

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The 78-year-old has signaled that he only wants to rule for one term. It was therefore eagerly awaited to see the area of ​​responsibility with which the 56-year-old former public prosecutor and senator could make a name for herself and, above all, expand her experience in foreign policy.

The migration issue is a domestic political minefield

This is theoretically possible with the borderline topic. First, Harris is expected to work with the governments of Mexico and the Northern Triangle countries - Guatemala, Honduras and El Salvador - to find ways to curb migration to the US, which has been increasing for months.

The situation on the southern border is without question a "challenging situation," said Harris on Wednesday. People are leaving the countries for different reasons, and it is a matter of addressing the causes that are driving people to leave. However, combating the causes of flight is a long-term task, and rapid success is not to be expected.

At the same time, the issue of migration is a domestic political minefield. The left wing of the Democratic Party criticizes the current situation, especially the situation of thousands of unaccompanied minors, as untenable, and anything that sounds like isolation and more deportations will hardly go down well in these circles.

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On the other hand, the Republicans are already using the issue to harshly attack the government. You speak of “Biden's crisis”, which is “out of control”, although migration has been increasing since April last year, months before the US presidential election.

The president wants to travel to the border area

Biden had relaxed the strict immigration policy of his predecessor Donald Trump. While adults and families apprehended at the border continue to be sent back to Mexico, unaccompanied minors are allowed to enter the United States. The opposition Republicans accuse Biden of inviting the migrants.

The transfer of the sensitive issue to Vice President Harris is a sign of how seriously the government is now taking the problem at the border. The White House still refuses to speak of a “crisis”, it is about children and young people, spokeswoman Jen Psaki had just said. Harris speaks of a "big problem", and Minister of Homeland Security Alejandro Mayorkas also avoids the word crisis.

After all, Biden has since given in to the pressure and announced that he wants to travel to the border area. The situation there remains tense: According to the latest official figures from Wednesday, around 5,000 children and young people were in border protection facilities, and more than 11,500 were in the care of the Ministry of Health.

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