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Charlaine Harris: The World of the Sookie Stackhouse

A guide to the "Sookieverse" that answers readers' questions. ›The world of the Sookie Stackhouse‹ combines a new Sookie story with recipes, information about the characters and much more.

The book offers a wealth of information. It starts with one Map of Bon Temps and so far unpublished story ›A Wedding in the Small Town‹that plays between ›Warning of vampires‹ and ›Vampires with a past‹. Eric just tricked Sookie into "marrying" him. It wasn't a normal wedding, but a vampire wedding.

Sam's brother Craig now wants to marry Deidra Lisle. After the two figures, like the vampires before, went public, the celebration had to be postponed twice. Sam is accompanied by Sookie, instead of his current, but unfortunately somewhat unpredictable, girlfriend Jannalynn. The otherness of the shapeshifters scares off people in the small town. Bernie's neighbor, Sam's mother, expresses his deep hatred. He even goes so far as to murder all the dogs in the nearby animal shelter to set an example.

Of course, the wedding celebration including the dress rehearsal, wedding ceremony and reception cannot go smoothly. The opponents of the shapeshifters band together and want to sabotage the celebrations at all costs. The mastermind behind the protest is, of course, none other than Sarah Newlin, the wife of the founder of the Brotherhood of the Sun. Not only do enemies appear unexpectedly, but also allies. Werewolves, men of value and other shapeshifters rush to the aid of the wedding couple. How can it be that both sides seem to have known about the uprising for a long time? What are Sarah Newlin's secret plans? Can the conflicts be resolved? And can Craig finally take Deidra to his wife? All of these questions will be answered at the end.

But there is much more to the book. Charlaine Harris explains In what order the books and short stories are best read and what the stories about individual characters are all about.

In addition, Sookie himself has a say and talks about vampires, two forms and elves. How she got to know these beings, who belongs to them and what she thinks of the various creatures. In addition, Sookie's ancestry from the elves is illustrated by a detailed family tree.

For true fans and connoisseurs who want to test their knowledge, there is one Sookie Stackhouse Quiz. The answers are a few pages ahead. Do you know the real name of Hallow? Or what Bill prefers to drink in Merlotte’s? If those questions were easy, then maybe one of the tricky questions: What, according to Sookie, is the 29th Amendment to the United States Constitution?

Those who have been able to answer all the questions will be able to enjoy next Sookie's favorite recipes. They range from Eggs Benedict above Burger Lafayette and Hot one Chilli for cold days up to Louisiana Confectionery and Classic southern iced tea.

Subsequently Alan Ball, producer and screenwriter of the TV series ›True Blood‹, answers questions from fans and explains what has changed compared to the original book: Lafayette survives the first season, Bill proposes marriage to Sookie, and the sovereign, aristocratic French queen becomes a modern Sophie-Ann. He also tells what the hardest scene to film and play was or the greatest challenge.

Then Charlaine Harris also answers questions from her fans: How did you come up with the ideas for your characters? How long did Eric know about Bill's assignment? Will there be a happy ending? Should the Sookie Stackhouse series be a detective series like its predecessors? The answer to the last question is particularly startling: “Yes. I wanted every volume to contain an enigmatic murder, but that turned out to be impossible as the book series progressed. "

The second half of the book is a in-depth guide to the world of the Sookie Stackhouse. Victoria Koski, a very dedicated fan, introduces each character from A to Z: Name, race, storyline in the books, family, and everything Sookie could learn through telepathy. But that's not all: In addition to the characters, places, shops, companies and much more are examined carefully.

This book is a dream for every Sookie Stackhouse fan!Charlaine Harris gives a broad insight into her work. I mean, who would have thought that the first vampire Sookie met was called Bill, because that name is the exact opposite of "sexy", or that Eric was to a not inconsiderable part of the character of the Viking King Buliwyf from The 13th Warrior ‹Based? For my part, I found everything very interesting and can now understand the books even better.

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