Why is science more important than music?

Parents and teachers find sport more important than music

Haifa, Israel - When it comes to sports, most parents offer all possible support to their competitive offspring. This also means that they write apologies for school if the child has an important competition, an Israeli research team has now discovered. Parents even allow their children to miss class work when there is a competition coming up. Completely different, however, with music performances. Here only some of the parents are willing to have their children released for musical performances. Teachers and school principals seem to be completely in line with the parents' line here.

75 percent of parents let their children miss a class test or an exam if the deadline coincides with an important competition. The situation is very different for the parents of music-gifted pupils: only 47 percent consider their children's music performance to be more important than a school exam. These are the results of Avigdor Klingman's team from the University of Haifa, which surveyed over 200 pupils in grades 7 to 12 as well as 70 parents and around 15 educators in northern Israel.

Athletes in particular are encouraged by their parents and their school. 63 percent of track and field athletes said the school was willing to organize tutoring for them. Team athletes received less support; only eleven percent received remedial instruction from their school. And among the next generation of musicians, only eight percent were offered remedial classes.

Apparently, music makes students overall happier than sport. When asked about disappointments in their field of activity, 70 percent of the athletes and 60 percent of the team athletes stated that they had already experienced bitter disappointments in their sport. In the case of young musicians, however, it was only 28 percent.

The questioned school principals answered quite frankly why sport is still preferred: "Sport is as popular as communication electronics, but on top of that, success in sport enhances the reputation of a school. Other subjects cannot do that."

source: University of Haifa