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Is Magento suitable for any kind of web shop?

Basically, Magento is suitable for every type of online shop. As a result, the shop system is characterized by a large selection of very different functions, so that individual ideas for an online shop can be implemented. For example, a multilingual web shop can be created, which makes Magento particularly suitable for an online shop with an international customer base.

Thanks to the integrated catalog management, warehouse stocks and product categories, for example, can be managed very easily and without spending a lot of time. The profitability of the respective online shop can be easily maximized thanks to various social media features, the implementation of vouchers and coupons as well as other sales-increasing functions of Magento. Accordingly, people who attach great importance to optimizing measures in the field of marketing when creating a web shop will be enthusiastic about the open source software Magento.

What are the advantages of Magento?

Magento offers a multitude of different advantages. In any case, it is worth mentioning the large range of functions of Magento, which leaves little to be desired and enables individual implementation of the respective project. The modern software architecture is also to be named as an explicit advantage of the open source eCommerce software, as it significantly facilitates extensions and adjustments compared to other providers.

The free Community Edition is another positive aspect of Magento. In this way, beginners can familiarize themselves with the range of functions of this e-commerce system without obligation. In addition, Magento is characterized by excellent usability. This means, among other things, that the associated shops are very clearly structured and enable users to navigate easily.

Can I freely choose Concept & Design under Magento according to my wishes?

As with content management systems, there is also a strict separation between design and programming in Magento. This has the advantage that you can fall back on designs that have already been created or create your own templates. However, this requires knowledge of script languages ​​such as JavaScript or HTML. Alternatively, existing templates can also be modified, although this also requires technical know-how.

An important milestone for the success of an online shop is an attractive design. In cooperation with an expert, you can have an individual design developed for your shop, which is not only adapted to your needs and wishes in terms of appearance, but also in terms of functions such as navigation. With a professional design instead of using standard templates, you can clearly differentiate yourself from your competition. In addition, professionally designed concepts or designs for Magento are more user-friendly, which makes it easier for your customers to shop in the shop.

Is Magento only suitable for shop system experts?

The backend of the Magento shop system enables intuitive operation via the user interface. An expert in the field of shop systems can save a lot of time and work in setting up and maintaining the system. But even inexperienced administrators will quickly learn to appreciate the benefits of this operation.

Articles and content can be created, edited and changed in just a few steps thanks to the clear menu navigation. Previous knowledge in the operation of an online shop is not required to operate a Magento shop system.

With its modular system of modules and templates, a Magento shop can be adapted to your individual needs down to the smallest detail. For this it is worth working with an internet agency specializing in Magento, which will take care of the setup, design and operation of the software for you. Our experts advise you in order to find out together with you which features and extensions fit your B2C or B2B project. So you don't have to be an ecommerce professional to operate a Magento shop. However, your shop will give customers the impression that you are one.

How long does it take to implement a Magento shop?

The question of the time required for an implementation keeps coming back to us. However, it is actually obvious that we cannot give a general answer to this. Due to the wide range of possible uses of Magento as well as the different wishes and demands of our customers for the new online shop, a general time specification is hardly possible. However, if we know about the desired features of the online shop and can already assess how complex the requirements are, then we can of course also work with specific figures.

The effort involved in developing new modules or switching from another shop system to Magento can be easily calculated based on our many years of experience and our expertise in the implementation of Magento systems. Can and should we design an online shop from scratch and if the specifications from our customers are rather broad, such an implementation can also be implemented within a very short time. However, the higher the requirements placed on the online shop, the more time it can potentially take to implement it. However, we always work as quickly and efficiently as we can.

What does a professional Magento shop cost me?

Magento is a modular platform for online shops that offers the right solution for every need. The Community Edition of the platform is freely available to everyone and is initially a free product. Annual license costs are incurred for the Enterprise Edition, which offers a higher range of functions and advanced marketing tools.

A successful Magento shop should definitely be designed and looked after by a professional. What a professionally implemented Magento shop costs depends entirely on what exactly you want from your online shop. The more extensive your project, the more complex the implementation can of course be. Smaller projects under Magento without significant adjustments are already very cheap from the experts.

A Magento professional can tell you exactly which functions make sense for your project. As a platform, Magento offers many options that can be used sensibly for the specific project. Take this chance and approach your Magento project professionally.

What do you have to pay attention to with the Magento shop system?

In principle, the clear structure of the open source eCommerce system Magento enables extremely simple operation. The excellent usability of Magento quickly leads to a sense of achievement. In order to have an additional positive influence on the success of the respective projects, however, it is necessary to consider some optimization options. This includes, for example, the topic of search engine optimization (SEO for short). Magento enables, among other things, all SEO-relevant meta tags to be freely defined for each individual page and also has a page structure that has been designed from the ground up for search engine optimization. In this context, it should also be pointed out that search engine optimization is of central importance for traffic and thus also for the economic profitability of a shop.

In addition, it is important to use as many of the sales-promoting functions as possible effectively. For this purpose, it is advisable, for example, to adapt the product comparison already made available by Magento to the needs of your own customers. Thanks to the extensive options of Magento, the shop operator can, among other things, decide individually which items are available for the product comparison and which parameters the comparison should contain.

Is there anything special to consider when hosting a Magento shop?

Yes, because hosting a Magento store is the foundation of your business. Your shop can only generate sales if it can be reached. In the background, we ensure the proper functioning and protection of the server systems so that you can concentrate fully on your business. Thanks to our professional server administration, you benefit not only from the particularly fast loading times of your Magento shop, but also from a security strategy tailored to your business. You can also take advantage of our many years of experience in hosting shop systems to develop an optimal backup solution in order to be prepared for possible data loss.

Thanks to the flowing scalability of our Magento hosting, the performance of the system can be perfectly adapted to your growing customer base and easily responded to increasing numbers of users. Accessibility, performance and expandability are the focus of Magento hosting. Our managed hosting takes care of the server operation for you, so that you can concentrate on the essentials: the success of your business.

What are the costs for hosting a Magento shop?

Hosting a Magento shop is not trivial. A powerful server system in the background is necessary for high-performance and reliable operation. In addition, the system must be maintained and updated to ensure the optimal security of your Magento shop. This is not free, but it is possible with us at unbeatable conditions.

Thanks to our many years of experience in the implementation and operation of Magento shops, we can offer you hosting including a well thought-out security and backup strategy. With conventional web hosting offers, often only the web storage is made available; however, we ensure that your shop runs quickly and smoothly. In addition, you receive web hosting, domain and backup from a single source, so that a perfect interaction is achieved compared to conventional offers. With our managed hosting offers, we take care of everything technical in the background for you, while you can concentrate fully on your business and the development of your business. Submit your non-binding inquiry today and receive an offer for your Magento shop that is individually tailored to your business.

Do I need the Magento Commerce Edition?

Magento offers three different versions of its comprehensive shop system. Both the free Community Edition and the paid Magento Enterprise or Magento Enterprise Cloud Edition represent a balanced and above all powerful basis for your web shop. We offer our customers solutions for both the Magento Community Edition and the Enterprise Edition , depending on the wishes and needs of our customers.

The Community Edition already offers the great advantage of a large number of free and easy-to-implement plugins and extensions that our experts can check, install and expand for functionality and benefits upon request. The Magento Commerce Edition, on the other hand, also impresses with a large number of sales-promoting functions that, for example, enable extensive dynamic segmentation of customers. For this reason, very large companies with their own e-commerce department in particular prefer to use the Magento Commerce Edition. We offer comprehensive support for both variants and work equally efficiently and effectively with both.

Can I switch from the Magento Community Version to the Enterprise Edition?

The Magento Community Edition is free software that already provides you with many useful functions to operate a complete online shop system. The paid Magento Enterprise Edition offers a broader range of control and design options as well as extended functions for performance and search engine optimization (SEO).

If you don't yet know which version to choose, that's no problem: You can always start with the Magento Community Edition and later switch to the Magento Enterprise Edition. After backing up your database, the upgrade can be applied immediately. Your product range and your customer base from the Magento Community Edition are transferred directly to the new version of your shop and do not have to be laboriously updated again. Your customers can immediately shop again to their heart's content and look forward to the new possibilities of the Magento Enterprise Edition together with you.

Can all data from an existing shop system be exported to Magento?

In principle, the transfer of existing data from another shop system is not a problem. Magento has an import function for product master data in CSV format as well as a number of APIs that Magento can use to receive data from other systems. The import of customer data can also be implemented - with a few adjustments and a little individual programming - thanks to these interfaces.

It is often the case, however, that Magento, due to its enormous number of functions and revenue-increasing features, offers more options for data maintenance - and perhaps also simply requires more product attributes - than the shop system used so far. As a professional Magento agency with many years of experience in the field of interface programming, we can help you in this case to automatically prepare your data so that you can immediately use all the advantages of Magento without much manual effort.

How does the implementation and integration of ERP systems (SAP etc.) work in Magento?

Enterprise Resource Planning Systems (ERP) are now very widespread. With the integration of this standard business software, the company receives extensive EDP support for many internal processes such as accounting, human resources, production or merchandise management. With Magento, you can also make use of a well-founded online shop software.

ERP systems and online shops represent the backbone of companies now and in the future. Implementing and integrating ERP systems and Magento into a company's IT infrastructure requires careful planning and should be done with the help of experts. This begins with a comprehensive audit of the process and IT landscape as an analysis of the current situation and a subsequent process reorganization (modeling).

With the appropriate ERP selection and the Magento design, the first immediate measures for implementation are determined as part of the concept development. In the subsequent phase, the actual implementation and the implementation of the concept takes place in a gentle way, so that the operability of the company is maintained and no internal processes are disrupted.

Does a Magento shop comply with our current legislation?

Basically, Magento is an American shop system and its specifications correspond to American law. However, we offer our customers the option of adapting the shop system to the respective national and international legal situation that is relevant to them and thus ensuring comprehensive legal security.

For example, we can integrate shop modules that help to adapt the Magento online shop exactly to the needs and requirements of the applicable legal provisions. However, we advise our customers to have the shop checked again by an appropriate specialist lawyer in order to avoid all legal contingencies. We would be happy to advise you on the choice of the right specialist lawyer and give you the names of good lawyers who have specialized in this area.

Where can I download the Magento e-commerce software?

The Magento shop software exists in two different versions. The free Community Edition is available for download on the website and is aimed primarily at developers and experts who have already gained experience with shop systems. Magento itself does not offer technical support for this version, so it is particularly recommended for inexperienced users to work with a Magento agency.

The Magento Enterprise Edition is specially tailored to the needs of larger retailers. There is no free download available for the Enterprise Edition, but our Magento specialists can provide you with more detailed information about the functionality of this version.

A Magento agency guarantees that the download, installation and operation of the shop software will run as smoothly as possible. Our experts have many years of experience in using the system and are always available to answer any questions or problems.

Can I start working on my shop immediately after downloading Magento?

No, but the necessary steps can be carried out quickly and easily with our competent help. The Magento shop software can only be used after the download if it has been installed on a powerful server system. We would be happy to provide you with reliable and dynamic hosting for your Magento shop that is tailored to your business. After downloading the Magento software and setting it up on the server, you can start working on the shop. In addition to entering articles, data and images, this is primarily the development of a coherent homepage and a memorable corporate design.

We offer you comprehensive support through a detailed analysis of your target group and your operational processes as well as a large number of dedicated designers who are just waiting to design your new web shop for you.

Where can I find out more about the Magento shop solution?

With a market share of around 28 percent, the Magento shop solution is one of the world's leading e-commerce platforms. Over 200,000 brands, dealers and industrial partners around the world use the innovative shop system. There are many ways to find out more about Magento:

There is a comprehensive range of literature on this unique shop system in stores. Countless books report on the success and possible applications of the shop solution. This may be helpful for brief general information, but many questions usually remain unanswered. As a Magento agency from the very beginning, we are very familiar with the world's most powerful e-commerce framework. Thanks to the individual advice of our specialists, you will find out how you can optimally use Magento for your new e-commerce platform. From the beginning of the planning phase to the completed online shop, our experts are available with advice and action. No question about the popular Magento shop system remains unanswered; no matter if Community or Enterprise Edition.

I have an existing Magento shop - who will look after me?

A Magento shop does not always have to be developed from scratch. If you already have a stocked and running shop and want to bring it to a more professional and, above all, more profitable level, then you should turn to an expert.

We work with you to develop the right concepts for your Magento shop and show you ways and means to improve it according to the most important SEO criteria. A professional can turn an existing shop system into a more visible, better placed and, above all, more economical Magento shop in the shortest possible time and with the most effective means. When our specialists start working on your e-commerce system, your data sets and the basic design will of course be retained. With careful, but also verifiable and effective changes, our professionals create the alignment of your Magento shop to the current demands of search engines. This not only increases the effective visibility, but also increases the conversion rate of your Magento shop, which can be registered.

Magento agency - which one is the right one?

The right Magento agency offers its customers the establishment, expansion and overall support of medium-sized and large Magento shop systems as a basic service. As an additional service, we also offer the optimization of existing Magento installations and the migration from other e-commerce platforms to Magento.

After all, a Magento agency is only the right one if it reacts quickly to emergencies in the Magento system. To this end, we work out emergency plans right from the start. In this way, customers we look after remain fully operational and available around the clock. Regular audits of the server and Magento instances also ensure that we can identify and resolve bottlenecks in advance.

How can Magento support my business intelligence?

Magento supports the three essential areas of Business Intelligence in that the data generated when using the shop system is processed in a variety of ways, thus providing an extensive information base.

Reporting takes up an entire submenu of the administrator area and provides the essential business figures, for example on actual sales, the rate of shopping cart abandonment and the exchange rates. This information can be broken down down to the individual order in order to be able to better represent relationships. You can easily identify customer or product groups that make a high contribution margin and which their fulfillment or exchange behavior leads to a negative contribution margin. The conclusions from this can even go as far as changes in the range or the return regulations.

The order behavior can also be used to monitor the success of advertising or to check the customer acquisition strategy. The exportable list of top new and existing customers in connection with the use of coupons shows which advertising measure has attracted the really attractive customers.

In order to be able to make comparisons with the previous year or the industry development (industry benchmarking), the raw sales data can be sorted and output according to any time period. In cooperation with our agency, you can compare your percentage growth with the industry trend, expand your strengths and consider which weaknesses in the range should be smoothed out.

Does Magento offer ways to optimize returns management (RMA)?

Regardless of whether you are a company founder or already have experience in the field of online trading: Unjustified returns and "mass exchangers" remain an enormous challenge for every company. The return rates go well into the double-digit percentage range.

In Magento you will find two different menus in which the individual returns transactions are specified both in summary and per individual customer. In the individual customer overview, you can also quickly find out whether it is a major customer who buys a lot and sometimes exchanges or whether it is one of the dreaded mass-exchanging private customers who returns 90% of the items ordered.

With every exchange transaction you can see the status from "received", "pending" (waiting for your approval) to "carried out" and send a message each time the status changes. You could use this to warn mass exchangers in advance and store a note in the customer master record. Based on these figures and information, you can also opt for a customer block or order regulation.

How can I use Magento for customer activation?

Magento can be used specifically for customer activation. There are tools (such as the sending of newsletters) that address all customers and interested parties through targeted special campaigns and, for example, stimulate a purchase with a little time pressure through a limited campaign coupon. First-time customers or regular customers usually overcome their inhibitions and buy sooner or more!

Another option is so extensive that a few variants and shapes must first be tried out in order to find the perfect solution for your company! A separate area of ​​Magento deals with targeted activation / reminder emails, which depend entirely on the customer status. For example, all customers can be targeted whose shopping cart has been filled with a certain number of items for a few days, but the purchase has not yet been completed. This means that individual emails are also possible for all customers who may have saved a seasonal item that is slowly becoming scarce and who have not yet completed the purchase. Think yourself into the customer and determine the optimal time and the optimal frequency of these actions.

What exactly are the advantages of the Magento Enterprise Edition?

The Magento Enterprise Edition has extended, exclusive functionalities and is particularly suitable for web shops with a large number of customers. The Enterprise Edition of Magento is extremely fast, which results in significant speed advantages, for example when loading the pages. Those who opt for the Enterprise Edition also benefit from extensive manufacturer support. The Magento Enterprise Edition is also convincing in terms of security, because payments made are particularly secure thanks to encryption according to the Payment Application Data Security Standard (PA-DSS). The integrated content management system has all the basic functions of conventional CMS. In addition, the Enterprise Edition has an improved search engine, so that the product search is much easier. In addition, the Magento Enterprise Edition enables targeted online marketing to be carried out using extended marketing functions. The shop system provides functions for sending personal voucher cards as well as a bonus point system with which customers are rewarded for their transactions. The administrator can manage the customer's shopping carts and wish lists in the backend from the customer view.

Can I increase my customer engagement with Magento?

Many companies have often been in the dark for years as to which products are really well received by their customers and thus cannot really expand their range in a targeted manner. Thanks to Magento, you can receive very detailed feedback from your customers and at the same time contribute to the content of the shop.

Be it that you want to pass on your positive experience or you would like to point out something special - such as "is bigger, so order one size smaller". In many cases, you get really nice, well thought-out product reviews without having to put in a lot of effort yourself.

The open communication option also increases your credibility as a shop operator. Some companies therefore also allow apparently "bad" article reviews, provided that they are justified and well-founded. The other interested parties thus receive an additional, authentic picture of the article - which further enhances your content. By releasing the comments before they become visible, you do not run the risk of joke or joke ratings being given.

Which data mining features are integrated in Magento?

Magento offers very extensive evaluation options so that the sales data generated in the online shop can actually be used productively. With the appropriate background information and campaign experience, our agency can give you additional impulses on how the individual customer segments can be processed even better:

1.) In the customer reports area, raw lists can be created that list the customers in detail according to the number of orders or sales. These can be exported both as CSV and as Excel files. This means that nothing stands in the way of further processing, for example as a template for a form letter or mail file. Sort the customers according to the individual columns and criteria and get an exact list for the advertising measures or customer approach.

2.) The lists and reports can be divided into normal customers and shopping clubs or private sales. This enables you to quickly see whether a private sale was a resounding success or whether you would like to return to a "normal" coupon campaign.

3.) Getting to grips with one of the main problems of online trading: A returned package can easily cause expenses in the low double-digit euro amount and thus significantly reduce the previous profit, especially for a new customer, or in the worst case exceed the customer potential. The "Total Refunded" report clearly shows the mass exchangers whose delivery could be reconsidered.

4.) The evaluation based on redeemed coupons should be the most interesting for planning campaigns. If you design the coupons very well, gladly together with our specialists, you will also receive a key figure for advertising effectiveness based on the orders. This allows you to see which coupons are working and which actions could still be improved.

Is Magento suitable for precision marketing?

Magento is ideal for precision marketing. The concept provides for the relevance of the product or service for the target group to be the focus of the advertising message. The aim is to motivate existing customers to be brand loyalty. This requires extensive planning, the collection of all relevant data from the target group, and a clear approach. The customer base is divided into smaller blocks, each of which reveals the individual needs of the people who are now in these manageably large units.

Technically, this requires an effort that should not be underestimated - and this is where Magento comes into play. The software already offers numerous features that support Precision Marketing and, thanks to its open source character, allows further corresponding programs to be developed. Companies should turn to marketing experts to determine which of the existing extensions are suitable for their own precision marketing and which should be improved with a new development.

What has to be done with Magento in order to achieve optimal performance?

Three factors contribute to achieving optimal performance of your own Magento shop: speed, stability and user-friendliness. To work on speed, for example, the HipHop Virtual Machine (HHVM) can be used. Some sites have also had excellent experiences with the Varnish web accelerator, which, when implemented professionally, is also ideally suited for Magento. If there is too much dynamic content in the shop, the perfect configuration for Varnish must first be found in order to actually achieve an advantage in terms of speed. There are auxiliary programs for this, such as Turpentine.

When it comes to the stability of the shop, the developers are first asked. One starting point is consistent caching - computational work that has already been done is secured in such a way that it can be accessed at any time. You can see here: speed and stability work hand in hand.

In some ways, this also applies to ease of use. For the shop design, the premise applies: You shouldn't need more than three clicks to get to the desired product: Fast and clear paths are rewarded by the users.

Does Magento offer predictive behavioral targeting features?

Corresponding features are available for Magento. However, you have to be careful when making your selection in order to use the right tools. Predictive behavioral targeting combines measurement data obtained from the user behavior of a certain group of users with information from surveys and registrations of the same group. In this way, one can relate product interests to factors such as age or gender. Put simply: you learn who your own customers are, what they want and in this way you can come to statements about the future behavior of precisely these customers. As an example: Buyer A wants a product that is not available in the shop. For this he will find numerous offers that appeal to his age and gender. He will therefore come back anyway, although he has not found anything.

When choosing the right features, it is therefore a matter of finding help that shows which buyers are likely to come back, why and when. The programs should also reveal the life situation (e.g. school leaving certificate, newly married, retirement, etc.) in which the returning buyers find themselves in order to allow a precise advertising approach.

Can Magento be used as part of an omni-channel strategy?

Magento can be used very well as part of an omni-channel strategy. The open source character of the online shop software makes it possible to develop assistance programs to embed the shop in the different channels. Numerous corresponding extensions are already available on the Magento Connect marketplace.

In fact, the more important question is what challenges can arise when using Magento as part of an omni-channel strategy. On the one hand, the difficulty of handling payment transactions across all channels, for example, has to be mastered. It has also been shown that customers expect very short sales channels across all channels - an expectation that must be taken into account in any case. The list of difficulties is (unfortunately) even longer.

As a long-standing Magento agency, we at 7thSENSE have a lot of experience and the necessary know-how to solve the problems. We would be happy to support you if you want to implement an omni-channel strategy for your shop with Magento.

What marketing automation functions does Magento have?

Basically, this depends on which Magento version is used: The paid Enterprise Edition, for example, offers some marketing solutions, especially for fashion and B2B shops, that you have to do without in the community version. In general, the extensions will be of great help to you: You can easily achieve automation for e-mail and SMS marketing for each version. Some extensions go even further and offer the possibility, for example, of writing to inactive customers after a while or of tracking visitors to your shop. You can find out who is visiting which pages of your online shop, when and for how long, which products are clicked on most often and which articles have trouble attracting attention. Other extensions automatically post news to your shop's social network presences.

As a long-standing Magento agency, we at 7thSENSE have extensive experience in the field of marketing automation and are happy to advise you!

Does Magento have marketing attribution features?

As a high-quality shop software, Magento allows the integration of various channels for marketing. But: which of these channels works particularly effectively? Which channels, on the other hand, are only costly accessories? Marketing attribution wants to answer these central questions: It shows which components of your own marketing strategies play which role in the customer's buying process. This makes it possible to distribute your own budget much better.

Magento supplies some data for this "ex works" through the integration of Universal Analytics, the further development of the Google Analytics tracking code. As a rule, however, this does not meet higher demands: For example, only Universal Analytics does not find out which keywords work particularly well. These "gaps" can be closed by extensions. There are already some powerful extensions available for Magento.

However, the data collected in this way must be analyzed and interpreted. No tool can do this for you. Here human experience and the corresponding know-how are required. We at 7thSENSE are happy to help you - just talk to us!

Can Magento be connected to a PIM system via an interface?

An effectively working product information management (PIM) system is extremely important for an online shop. Finally, it consolidates all product information on one platform - in plain language: You can change the most important information and move it freely where it is needed. The connection of a PIM system to Magento is possible in three ways: