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California Institute of Technology

The California Institute of Technology (also known as CalTech) is a private research university in Pasadena, California where most of the main characters in The Big Bang Theory work. The university's departments include physics, astronomy (astrophysics), applied physics, engineering, geology, chemistry, biology, entomology, neurology, pharmacology, and the humanities. President of the university is President Siebert.


In the episode The Jerusalem Project it is mentioned that the CalTech does not own certain equipment; Dr. But Gablehauser said that the institute was in the process of increasing its equipment. The university then purchases the missing equipment in episodes The Friendship Algorithm and Homo Novus Automobilis, when benefactress Mrs. Latham donated a million dollars to the physics department to purchase a cold pump and a molecular sieve. The department also has a 500kW oxygen-iodine laser, a helium-neon laser and an electron accelerator. The physics department includes a laser laboratory, a radiation laboratory, a particle physics laboratory, a plasma laboratory, a kinetics laboratory and a photon laboratory. Aside from the physical laboratories, there is a primate laboratory, a biology laboratory with mice, a chemistry laboratory, a geology laboratory and a neurology laboratory.

Places and spaces


Sheldon's office / Rajesh's office

Sheldon's office can be seen in many episodes. It is on the right side of the lecture hall and on the left of rooms A1-A5. The blackboard on his door reads: "Sheldon Cooper, Ph.D. Particle Theory". In the office there is Sheldon's desk, a row of bookshelves and about 5 to 10 white boards. It is also Raj's office after he starts working with / for Sheldon. Later, a piece of paper hangs on the door under Sheldon's plaque that reads: "Rajesh Koothrappali, PhD". Later a real plaque, similar to Sheldon's, which reads: "Rajesh Koothrappali, PhD. Astrophysics"

In the episode And Now With Tongue, Raj puts a Brobdingnagian desk in the office; in a later episode (season 5) he's still there. In the room there is also Sheldon's Stevenson Award, which hangs framed behind the door. There is a framed edition of "The Journal of Physical Chemistry A" with Sheldon on the cover. There is also a poster "FUNDAMENTAL PARTICLES AND INTERACTIONS" in the office, which also hangs in the cafeteria and in the experimental laboratory, and a poster from the "Graduate Seminar 269B, Spring 2007 Neutrino Physics" by Dr. David Saltzberg.

Rajesh's old office

Raj's office, before he got the big one from "Fishbine" and later has to share one with Sheldon, is the smallest office seen at the university so far. There are two desks, a cupboard, a model rocket, a green board and two bookshelves in the room. The board by the door read: Rajesh Koothrappali; Ph.D. Astrophysics. On the right side of the door was a poster for a colloquium in Budapest. Another poster about dark matter was there too. Both were later hanged in Sheldon's office.

Eric Gablehauser's office

The head of the physics department (Prof. Eric Gablehauser) has a larger office than Sheldon. It has only been shown in a few episodes so far. On the board by the door it says: PROF. ERIC GABLEHAUSER, head of department.

Professor Laughlin's office

Professor Laughlin's office is shown once in the episode For him or with him when Rajesh asks the British astronomer to add him to his stellar evolution research team. On the board by the door it says: Prof. Laughlin, PhD .; Astronomy. His office has several astronomy and normal globes, an astrolabe, a mechanical model of the solar system, several astronomical posters (with supernova remnants and planetary atmospheres), one

small bronze replica of a telescope, a wooden shelf with science books and an antique Dollond telescope, wooden lockers, metal filing cabinets, upholstered chairs, a wooden desk with a computer, and a window. Precarious, but on a small side table is a silver tray with a bottle of sherry, which later becomes Raj's undoing.


Leonard's laboratory

Leonard's own lab is featured in The Gorilla Project, Football for Nerds, Stay Away from My Sister, and Visit from the FBI. Inside there is a white board, computer monitors and experimental equipment such as an electron accelerator and a helium-neon laser.

Space laboratory

Howard works in the space lab. It is shown only once in the episode The Jerusalem Project, in which Sheldon visits Howard in his laboratory. It has white walls and a number of desks. There are also numerous physics and engineering posters on the walls.

Howard's lab

Howard's personal laboratory (The Plague Armchair) is located in the Applied Physics department. Inside it hangs Howard's MIT engineering degree, a $ 175,000 hydraulic press, tool cabinets (one with a NASA image), a desk, and miscellaneous equipment including an oxy-acetylene burner.

Amy's lab

Amy Farrah Fowler conducts research on monkey behavior via visual stimuli. The laboratory consists of various microscopes, a centrifuge, a stainless steel table, a desk, a computer and storage units.

Plasma Laboratory (Barry Kripke's Laboratory)

Barry Kripke works in the plasma laboratory, which can be seen in the episode Monte the Robot and The Formula of Vengeance.

Kinetics laboratory

The kinetics laboratory can be seen once in the episode Monte the Robot. In this laboratory, Monte the robot and Kripke's robot fight each other.

Experimental laboratory

The laboratory where Leonard and Leslie Winkle work is a larger room (a little smaller than the cafeteria) with a number of blackboards. The lab was first shown in the episode Arousal Factor: Zero and the episode The Other Side of the Tie. Both a poster about "Fundamental Particles" and "Interactions and Astroparticle Physics" can be seen on the wall. Leslie uses a 500 kW oxygen-iodine laser to heat cream pasta and liquid nitrogen, 196 ° C below zero, to break a banana.

Professor Crawley's laboratory

Professor Crawley's laboratory is shown only once, in it is a row of tables with terrariums with different kinds of insects and arachnids. Professor Crawley was forced to leave the laboratory because his grants were canceled and Professor Crawley was moving in with his daughter. So it is now unknown what is in the laboratory today. On the door there is a sign that reads "Access only for SPECIALIST STAFF" and "Entomological department" (was).

Control rooms

Astronomy control room

In the episode The Wrong Right Friend, Raj spends 12 hours in this control room piloting a terrestrial telescope in Hawaii. It contains a coffee maker, sofa, computer, and several posters.

Mars rover control room

The Mars rover control room (room 105) was only shown once when the Mars rover got stuck in a ditch. Howard had steered him in there. The guys tried to fix the damage. When this failed, they erased all data and the tapes from the surveillance camera, wiped fingerprints from all surfaces and ran away. A sign hangs on the door that reads: "Restricted area by order of the" National Aeronautics and Space Administration "(NASA) - unauthorized entry can result in criminal prosecution".


The cafeteria

The cafeteria has been featured in numerous episodes and is where the boys mostly have lunch. There are several doors on the right side of the room and a food counter on the left. There are 3 vending machines for snacks on the wall on the right. There are around 20 seats in the cafeteria. Sometimes you can see a poster for the Journal of Chemical Physics on the wall. The room was also cleared once for the introduction of Dennis Kim to make more space. There is also a dining room for the executives with the same food, only fresher than in the cafeteria.

Physics Faculty Lounge

The physics department meetings are held in this room. It is shown for the first time in the episode The Leuchtfisch-Idea. In this episode, Raj enjoys a buffet, including fruit, vegetables, rolls and pastries. Department head Eric Gablehauser is introduced to the faculty here before firing Sheldon. At the last department meeting, Sheldon speaks to the cornered Dr. Finkleday 45 minutes on caving.

Lecture hall

As a result, The Cooper-Nowitzki Theorem, Leonard and Sheldon lead the seminar for the new students. Leonard represents experimental physics and Sheldon presents theoretical physics. The room has a green board, podium, tables, student desks and a flat screen TV, as well as double doors and a post-it board. There is an "Access for authorized personnel only" sign on the door.

Norton Hall / multipurpose room

The Norton Hall is seen for the first time in the following phases of Howard's. Raj reads the following on the university website: "7pm to 10pm, Norton Hall, meeting place for students and lecturers in the natural sciences and humanities. Whether you split atoms or infinitives, this is the right place for you" Sheldon and Raj meet there Abby and Martha and see Professor Wilkinson's wife.


In Superbowl for physicists, the 29th annual Physicists Bowl takes place in the auditorium. It has a raised carpeted platform, two tables, a podium, two flat screens, a post-it board, artificial plants, and some seating on the lower level.

Men's room