How do I judge my friend's character

How important is the partner's appearance to the parents?

How would you react if you show your parents the photo of your boyfriend and they are not enthusiastic about him, on the contrary, if they try to convince you to look for a suitable partner, since in their opinion the current one is ugly? You will then be asked again and again whether you are serious and that your own daughter is too pretty and looks are very important ...

I did and now regret it. My boyfriend was wearing sunglasses in the photo and my parents have been asking me about them ever since. He's not ugly! He may not really be my type, but I also know that a lot of women are into him. He's not tall, but taller than me with heels or with large heels as well, he is very well trained and, as I said, he is not my type, but everything else fits very well at the moment and his style makes him more attractive to me . If something doesn't suit me, I will speak to you and we will find a solution or he will change it.
My mother approached me again earlier, sometimes I laughed out loud and sometimes I got really angry. She said please don't get too involved, don't fall in love, we want to see him first and then we'll look further: shock: Hello ??? I was just flabbergasted, they didn't even see him in full and already judged him so much and I said he has a good character and treats me well, we get along pretty well so far, etc. But no, it's too bad because I'm too pretty and they only want the best for me and a guy who looks very good, has a great character and does a good job ... Standing in the way of the daughter can't be the best for you! And you can't tell happiness just by looking either!

It's so annoying ... I'm considering introducing it to my parents sooner so that they have a personal picture. But when they are the same or even less pleased, then they don't stop at all: - |

What would you do if you were me? Has anyone ever experienced something like this?