Do petitions actually go anywhere

Yes to the hospital - no to the construction of the Golser Wiesäcker!

The landscape is being destroyed, nature has to suffer and it is getting really expensive!

We want a responsible use of our resources!

After the planning chaos at the Oberwart Hospital, the Burgenland state government comes up with the next major hospital project. For many years the KRAGES planned around and burned a lot of money in the process.

What has been communicated so far suggests a next cost fiasco, which this time will also destroy the unique landscape and cause considerable damage to nature.

The location is verifiably in the Natura 2000 area, in the viewing zone of the UNESCO World Heritage and is adjacent to the Zitzmannsdorfer Wiesen national park preservation zone!

There are alternatives!

Why do the project operators want to build a hospital in the middle of the Natura 2000 area - in the municipality of Gols - near the Wiesäckern?

The construction of a hospital with a space requirement of 1.2 hectares is being pushed forward to add an unbelievable 8.7 hectares of vineyards (the equivalent of 12 soccer fields !!!) to rededicate. This means that seven times the area will be rededicated - what should happen to the rest will be withheld from the population.

The population was not involved in the selection of the location - instead there were some high-profile press conferences, at which the alleged advantages were mentioned above all. The flow of information is content poor, The project operators probably want to avoid any fuss and present the population with a fait accompli.

What's the matter:

1. Destruction of the unique landscape to the detriment of tourism, viticulture, nature and quality of life.

Many wine-growing and tourism companies advertise with the picture of "Gate to Lake Neusiedl" - this picture will no longer exist!

The Neusiedler See region in particular has a unique nature and historical settlement structure that cannot be found anywhere else in Austria or anywhere else in the world. For this, the area was awarded and protected with the UNESCO World Heritage title.

The breathtaking landscape, the enormous biodiversity and the excellent wine attract people for private and professional reasons (national and international tourists, scientists, researchers, ...).

Spatial planners fear the emergence of a so-called "Band City", the Congregations growing togetherwhich will lead to the loss of the world heritage! A huge one Damage to tourism and viticulture Industry is the result!

The Major construction site at this point of tourist importance is from 2026 to 2030 scheduled for more than four years - a disaster! Do we really want to have such a large construction site next to the Zitzmannsdorfer Wiesen?

2. Damage to nature and the environment

As a result of the project, numerous endangered animal species (special bird species) are endangered - some of them are strictly protected. The Birds Directive (Directive 2009/147 / EC) and the Flora-Fauna-Habitat Directive (Directive 92/43 / EC) mean considerable licensing hurdles for the project: the procedures in such areas take an extremely long time. Many reports and expertises have to be prepared. In addition, measures to protect species are very expensive and avoidable at another location!

3. Irresponsible waste of tax money

Not only the 110 kV high-voltage pylon located at the site, which was recently refurbished for expensive money, but also 2-3 other pylons (also new) have to be relocated for the hospital and rescue air traffic.

The development of this unfavorable location in the middle of the vineyards means exorbitantly high development costs (sewer including lifts, water, electricity, etc.).

In addition, lengthy and costly approval procedures are necessary in Natura 2000 areas, which do not occur in an alternative location.

Our demands:

1. The population must be informed and involved in advance with regard to the choice of location! The study on the evaluation of different location variants must be published! We want more transparency and a say.

2. Our tax money must be spent responsibly! No prestige projects to secure elections!

3. The Wiesäcker in Gols may not be converted into building land \, neither for a hospital \ nor for other building projects!

4. According to the Biodiversity Council, the protection status of Natura 2000 areas must be taken seriously in Austria. This means \ that the Burgenland provincial government finally takes on the responsibility and the obligation to actively preserve these areas.

5. No building of sensitive landscape areas.

6. The hospital must be built in a different location.


You live, love, enjoy, play sports, observe, research or spend your vacation on the beautiful Lake Neusiedl.

The preservation of the unique nature and biodiversity are important to you!

The planned site is a breeding and feeding area for numerous endangered animal species.

If you reject the waste of tax money and want to protect the fantastic landscape of the Neusiedler See region, then you can support us with your signature and / or with a membership.

Please help with the preservation of nature!

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