What is your favorite documentary about India

11 documentaries and films that will make you wanderlust

Do you also know this feeling when you feel so latently tingling under your feet while watching a travel documentary, you want to put on your shoes, pack your things and go? If so, then you've come to the right place, because these 11 films and documentaries about traveling will definitely make you wanderlust and make you wish you had saved up for a trip around the world for the last two years. But the nice thing is that you can start right now.

1. Under An Archtic Sky

Where would you go if you wanted to surf? Hawaii maybe, South Africa, Los Angeles or - a little closer - Portugal? Not so the director Chris Burkard and his two friends Sam Hammer and Heidar Logi. They fly to Iceland in the dead of winter to catch the perfect wave and see a few northern lights on the side. Sure, why not ?!

2. Lost in Translation

"Lost in Translation" is one of my all-time favorite films because it poetically tells how bittersweet it can be when you meet someone who touches your heart in ways you never thought possible, but the moment in which you noticed that, that person is gone again.

3. Free Solo

Alex Honnold is currently the most famous climber in the world. The film "Free Solo", which received an Oscar for best documentary film in 2019, accompanies Honnold on the absolutely insane undertaking of climbing the rocky promontory "El Capitan" in Yosemite National Park without safety. "Free Solo" is not only a haunting character study, but also immediately makes you want to see the world from a different perspective - high up in the air, very close to nature. That is also the fascination that climbing or bouldering now exerts on so many people.

4. Call Me By Your Name

Hach, the most beautiful film of 2018 awakens an endless longing for Italy. Long summer days by the pool, mild nights under the starry sky with a glass of wine and a summer love that you will never forget. "Call me by your name" is beautiful, melancholy and an absolute masterpiece.

5. Ice and palm trees

"Ice and Palms" is a short documentary in which we accompany the two friends Jochen Mesle and Max Kroneck as they cross the Alps at extremes: 1,800 kilometers, 35,000 meters in altitude in 5 weeks - by bike and skis! The two of them are driving from southern Germany to Nice in the spring to climb as many peaks as possible on the way. It goes without saying that this is sometimes only possible with skis. But then what do you do with a bike?

6. Pedal the World

With 12,000 euros in his account and 55 kilograms of luggage, the German Felix Starck set off in June 2013 to explore the world for a year - by bike. On his journey he sees 22 countries and drives over 18,000 kilometers. He captures all of this with his camera. The documentary "Pedal the World" is a must for everyone who really wants to travel the world and doesn't just want to fly from one city to another by plane.

7. Into The Wild

"Into the Wild" has become something of a classic among outdoor films. The film is based on the true story of Chris McCandless, who hitchhiked across the United States for two years before deciding to wander through Alaska quite unprepared and only armed with a survival manual. The film by Sean Penn builds on the book of the same name by journalist Jon Krakauer to paint a heroic picture of breaking out of society. Eddie Vedder's music does the rest. Rather, the film is a lesson about how important it is to prepare for a trip, especially when you are traveling alone and have no idea about the country and nature.

8. Wild

The film "Wild" with Reese Witherspoon is also based on a true story that was recorded in a book. After the death of her mother, the American Cheryl Strayed went on a self-discovery and hiked the 1,600-kilometer Pacific Crest Trail along the west coast of America in 1995 - one postcard panorama follows the next, if you are not busy with your dying toenails and rattlesnakes. In 2012 she recorded her experiences and learnings in her book "Wild", which was published in 2012.

9. Far

Patrick Allgaier and Gwendolin Weisser traveled around the world for three and a half years - without even boarding a plane. Her film "Weit", which was actually intended as a memory for her family and which became a German hit in 2017, is an ode to slowness. The film vividly shows how important it is not just to rush past everything when traveling, but to really perceive the people, cultures and nature. By the way, Allgaier and Weisser had a child in between and migrated from Spain to Germany with the baby in their luggage. So if you think you can't travel with a child, you should let the two of them teach you better.

10. Cobra Gypsies

Filmmaker Raphael Treza takes us to India, more precisely to the Kalbelia in Rajasthan, to those "who love snakes". The tribe is known for snakes and the trade in snake venom, the people are boxless and therefore live in makeshift tent camps. The documentation is an extraordinary and fascinating testimony of the times and offers an insight into a culture that otherwise lives rather inaccessibly.

11. Darjeeling Limited

Last but not least, a film about train travel should not be missing. "The Darjeeling Limited" by Wes Anderson from 2007 shows three brothers (played by Owen Wilson, Adrien Brody and Jason Schwartzman) who find each other and themselves again on their way through India. The film reminds us of how nice it is to perceive the world very slowly from the train, to let nature pass by and to get to know a wide variety of people.