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Leaf collector and lawn collector GARDENA incl. Grass collector

Item details

  • Item type Leaf catcher
  • execution Leaf blower
  • Area of ‚Äč‚Äčapplication Inside
  • application Capture
  • scope of application garden
  • material Plastic, aluminum
  • Spaces garden
  • Supplier article number 03565-20
  • EAN 4078500048675, 2007007976138

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The clever solution for collecting leaves
Autumn is not only the time for many bright colors of foliage, but also the time for fallen leaves. Leaves must be removed from your lawn so that it can breathe, and picking up can be a chore. With the unique leaf and lawn collector from GARDENA, however, this work becomes pure pleasure and is time-saving, quiet and convenient. And all without bending over! It's just fun.
Leaves lying on the lawn are collected reliably and quickly with the help of the ingenious brush system - and almost noiselessly, as everything happens without a motor. This saves you energy costs and makes a conscious decision in favor of sustainability. The leaf and lawn collector is also suitable for collecting scarifying material and grass clippings. So that everything can always be optimally collected, the height of the device can be easily adjusted to the ground. This makes work really fun!
The handle is ergonomically shaped so that the leaf and lawn collector can be pushed very easily.
When the grass catcher is full of leaves, you can remove it to empty it and then simply attach it again. When the work is done, the leaf and lawn collector can be stored to save space.

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