What is a Double Board Certified Surgeon

Visceral surgery

Visceral surgery is a focus of our clinic. We offer procedures that go far beyond the usual standard and work in an interdisciplinary manner with the other clinics in the house, e.g. on the common abdominal ward or in the weekly interdisciplinary tumor conference.

All common procedures in abdominal, glandular and abdominal wall surgery are carried out using the latest techniques (ultrasound dissection, intraoperative ultrasound, neuromonitoring, etc.), wherever possible and useful, including minimally invasive access techniques. Mulltivisceral resections (removal of several organ complexes) are also carried out, if necessary in interdisciplinary cooperation with the other cutting departments of the house. Functional diseases such as gastro-oesophageal reflux disease (heartburn) are examined in our own gastrointestinal function laboratory.

With the large number of interventions on the digestive tract, we pursue a strategy that has found its way into medical terminology in recent years under the term "Fast Track", especially after interventions on the colon. What does "Fast Track" mean? Translated from English, it means "fast lane" (or "overtaking lane"). By means of specific measures before, after and also during the operation, this procedure enables the patient to be made healthy as quickly as possible, or to prevent the operation from becoming ill. The main aspects are:

  • Use of keyhole surgery or particularly inexpensive incisions
  • Continuous pain therapy via spinal cord catheter during and after the operation
  • Largely avoiding wound drainage and stomach tubes
  • early nutrition on the day of the operation
  • intensified respiratory therapy and physical reconstruction as soon as possible after the operation

For all patients with malignant diseases, we would like to point out that an interdisciplinary tumor conference (tumor board) has been established at the Knappschaftskrankenhaus Bottrop. All clinics involved in the treatment of cancer patients participate in this (the medical clinic, radiation therapy, urology, radiology and pathology, which is connected via video conference from Essen). Every week at the interdisciplinary tumor conference with the participation of the relevant specialist disciplines, all cancer cases are discussed and therapeutic strategies are determined, whereby the best possible healing results should be achieved by using a combination of different treatment options (e.g. surgery and chemotherapy and, if necessary, radiation therapy). The latest research results are taken into account and the most modern therapy methods are applied.

Our range of visceral surgery includes the following options: