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Translation of "guess" in Turkish

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tahmin etmek tahmin et tahmin edin


And everyone has to guesswho you really are
Ve herkes senin gerçekte kim olduğunu tahmin etmek zorunda kalır.
Lieutenant ... I don't want to guess.
You could, but I wouldn't guess.
I wouldn't give you that guess, Ms. Lampert.
The chance to be right too guess, stands one to three.
If you would use all six keys, the probability is the combination too guess, about 720 to 1.
Eğer bütün tuşları kullanıyorlarsa doğru Kombasyonu tahmin etmek olasılığı 720 'de birdi.
Do you want guesswhose DNA do they match?
We have to see the president guessnot to stop the planes.
I want you too guess.
Oyle olsa iyi olur senin adına.
We only can guesswhat was there 1000 years ago.
But I can guess. Samaritan recruited.
You don't say anything, so I have to guess.
Your opponent knows now, but she can't guess.
you guess me always telling the truth.
Now you can guesswhat Roman always wanted.
But I want you to do something guess.
As your lawyer, I have to get you to the deal guess.
Well ... maybe you should see the prosecutor guess To release Neil Perry.
Peki, belki sen de THERE.'ya Neil Perry'yi bırakmalarını söylemelisin.
By simply guess and fairy tale is not.
Sadece tahmin edip, hata yapma.
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