How can I backup Android contacts

Android Android: Back up contacts - this is how it works


In the event that you lose your smartphone or get a new one, it is a good idea to back up your contacts in advance. This often saves you a lot of work because you don't have to re-query or type in the contacts. Below, we are going to show you different ways that you can backup your Android contacts in advance.

Basically, we advise you to use Google synchronization because you are here very effective against data loss are protected. If you don't want to back up your data to the Google cloud, you can still use the other two methods.

Saving your contacts on the SIM or SD card should on all Android smartphones function. However, you lose at Loss of smartphone then your data.

Backup using software on your computer may not work with all Android smartphones, depending on the program. Besides, you are not ahead Loss of data on your hard drive protected. But you can go through a Backup using an external storage mediumsuch as a USB stick or an external hard drive, at least to a limited extent.

Backup via Google synchronization

You can keep your contacts through your Google user account to back up. Your data is saved online and can be synchronized with your new device when it is started up. You often activate this function when you set up your new smartphone. If you have not done so, you can easily do so. We recommend this synchronization method, as you can still access your contact list even if you lose your smartphone:

    1. Open the Settings about the Gear icon.
    2. Scroll down to the menu item "Accounts"or"Accounts & synchronization"and tap on it.
    3. Then go to "Google".
    4. Scroll down to "contacts"and move the switch so that the switch appears green. Your contacts will now synchronize automatically.
  1. To keep your contacts on a new smartphone transferred to, contact us on this with your google account at. In the settings under the menu item "Accounts" or. "Accounts & synchronization"You can use the saved data on your contact list on your smartphone Sync Google servers.

Note: You can also view your synced Google contacts at the following address:

Save on the SD or SIM card


This method is especially useful if you have your contacts from a old smartphone to a new smartphone want to copy.

Note: Your SIM card may not have enough space to store all of your contacts on it. If so, try one of the other methods listed here to back up your contacts.

  1. Open your preinstalled contactsApp.
  2. Go to the three dots in the top right corner. A small window will open. There tap "Import / export contacts " at. With some smartphones you still have to "Manage contacts" choose.
  3. Now choose either "Export to SIM card"or"Export to SD card" out.
  4. Manually select the contacts that are to be exported or use the three dots in the top right to click on "Select all".
  5. Now click on "to save". The export process starts automatically.
  6. On the SIM card exported contacts you can easily transfer it to a new smartphone by replacing your old SIM card in her new smartphone stuck. It looks similar when you use your old SD card in a new smartphone stuck. You can use the Contacts app via "Import / export contacts"Select the contacts from your SD card imported become.

Note: Follow the next step to find out how to use contacts exported to the SD card on the computer.

Save on the computer


In addition to the above methods, you can also use a Software on the PC read out. There is for example AirMore or MyPhoneExplorer. This program can be used to transfer files such as contact lists.

You can also use your Contact lists as a vcf file that you can read out with Office programs or Outlook. vcf files, too vCards called, are digital business cards that are attached to your contacts.

To do this, export your Contacts on the SD card. These are then saved as .vcf files and can be added to your Computer copied become. You can open it there with Outlook, for example.


To access the files, connect your Cell phone by cable to your computer. Then open the device in Explorer and click on "SD card". There you look for the Contact files. Alternatively, you can also use your Insert the SD card into the computer and access the file there directly. Here you just choose the SD card via Windows Explorerto access it.

If you have the contacts from your computer back to your phone you should drag it back to your SD card. Then you can load it onto a new smartphone as in step 6 of "Save on the SD or SIM card".

Note: When backing up your contact information on your computer, it is advisable to save it externally as well. If you also back up the files on a USB stick or an external hard drive, you are better protected against data loss on your standard hard drive.