Is this man a deceiver?

A woman hoped for great love and trusted her Internet acquaintance. She gave the man a lot of money - the handcuffs clicked at Munich Central Station.

Munich - He spoke of love and a future together - but all that really interested the man in a 68-year-old woman was her money. Now the police have caught the fraudsters.

In March, a hitherto unknown perpetrator contacted a woman from Lower Austria via social media. He posed as a scientist who supposedly worked on a ship. The police reported on an apparently well thought-out conversation, in which the man also spoke of a common future, as the police announced.

Munich: Tricks on the Internet - man plays love to woman

The lonely lady believed him - and wanted to help her lover from the Internet: Because the stranger told her that his cash on the ship - allegedly several million US dollars - was threatened by criminal acts. Since the money is colored for security reasons, it has to be cleaned in an expensive and laborious manner.

Munich: Fraud on the Internet - woman gives offenders tens of thousands of euros in cash

With this scam, the fraudster persuaded the 68-year-old to give him several tens of thousands of euros in cash over the course of months. The handover took place at different train stations in major European cities - with an unknown picker. That is what the police said.

Munich: Fraudsters on the Internet - Bavarian and Austrian police work together

In July, the woman became aware of the fraud. She filed a complaint with the Austrian police. When the strangers were planning another handover at Munich Central Station, the Austrian and Bavarian officials worked together - and found out about the fraudsters.

Munich: After love fraud on the Internet - perpetrators arrested

The perpetrators, a 44-year-old Italian and a 35-year-old Cameroonian, were arrested on Tuesday afternoon.

The Austrian authorities are trying to extradite the suspects. The Munich Public Prosecutor's Office processes the application.

The incident is not an isolated incident: Last year the Munich district court sentenced three men who had cheated on women of their money on a dating portal. In the F├╝rstenfeldbruck district, a pensioner was recently almost cheated of a lot of money with the grandchildren's trick. ( * Even on Ebay, crooks keep developing scams to get money.

A man systematically forged travel tickets in order to sell them. Now the fraudster was discovered - the extent is astonishing.

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