Why are all website names in lower case

How do I change my Facebook Page name to lowercase?

With the multitude of functions and customization options that are now available on Facebook pages, you don't believe the hurdles you can sometimes encounter. The name of our agency e-nitio mediasign is lowercase. When we created our Facebook profile a few years ago, however, according to Facebook guidelines, the page name always had to start with an uppercase letter.

At that time we dealt with an emergency construction from “Medienagentur | e-nitio mediasign ”. For some time now, however, Facebook has offered the option of writing page names in lower case. Our goal: from “Media Agency | e-nitio mediasign ”should become“ e-nitio mediasign ”.

This is how the Facebook page name becomes small!

  • Go to the tab on your Facebook page "Info", then on "Page Info" and move the mouse over the entry "Names". Now should be a"To edit" Notice appear that you can click.
  • An overlay should open in which you can enter the new page name.
  • Now we come to the critical part. If, for example, from "Medienagentur | e-nitio mediasign ”should only become“ e-nitio mediasign ”, this is not possible in one step!
  • First change the page name to “E-nitio mediasign” and don't worry about the fact that the name starts with a capital letter.
  • Now you have to wait!
    It takes about three to five days during which you cannot change the name.
  • After the waiting period, you finally have the opportunity to change the name, e.g. from “E-nitio mediasign” to “e-nitio mediasign” and thus achieve your goal. The Facebook page name now appears in the desired spelling.

We hope we can use this little trick to help all Facebook users who are facing the same challenge. Unfortunately, so far there is no information on the necessary procedure in two steps in the Facebook documentation.

PS: If you want to create a completely new Facebook page, the page must first also begin with a capital letter, e.g. "Facebook". Otherwise it is not possible to save the page. Here, too, you can edit the page name again after approx. Three to five days and enter the lower case letter, “Facebook” then becomes “Facebook”.