Are micelles water-soluble

Micelles for facial cleansing: what are micelles? How do they work?

Micelles are a young technology to face, eyes and lips regularly gently and thoroughly to clean. It dealsis a system of active ingredientsthat works both effectively and gently.

How are micelles formed?

  • Micelles are very small molecules in nano size.
  • They arise when Oil and water be mixed.
  • In combination with a certain Concentration of surfactants (Cleaning substances) the molecules within the liquid begin to react and rearrange themselves.
  • This reaction creates the small, spherical micelles. You wise fat and water soluble properties on.

How work you?

Micelles work similarly to a magnet. You solve Dirt particles, Make up and Excess sebum (sebum) gently from the skin. At the same time, they envelop the material to be removed. This is then gently removed from the skin worn awaywithout removing the important skin oil. Get in this cleaning process nourishing ingredients like vitamins A and E more easily into deeper skin layers. In addition: Depending on the skin type, the products soothe, mattify or moisturize the skin.

Meet micellar products three functions:

  1. They ensure a gentle cleaning,
  2. clear up the skin like a Facial toner and
  3. moisturize like one Care cream.

How are the products used?

Micellar technology is used in tonics or lotions. The application is simple: on one Cotton pad apply and use it to carefully cleanse the face and eyes. Rub and Rinse with water are not required. The skin feels clean and comfortably soothed.

Our cosmetic tip: Micellar products are available for normal, dry, sensitive or mixed skin. If you have sensitive skin, we recommend using a product without perfume.