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Conclusion: These 5 electronic door locks are recommended

Comparative winner: The electronic Nuki door lock is particularly easy to install
Nuki door lock users have a particularly wide range of control options to choose from. In addition to the app, the smart locking cylinder can also be operated from the inside with Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant or Siri voice commands. In combination with the 'Nuki Opener', remote control via smartphone is also possible. Last but not least, family members without their own smartphone can still open retrofitted doors via Nuki with a normal key or alternatively with a radio remote control. Unfortunately, our comparison winner has not yet mastered a fingerprint scan.

Recommendation for families: ABUS HomeTec Pro can also be opened without an app
The installation of the ABUS HomeTec Pro electronic door lock admittedly requires some technical skill and patience. In return, ABUS HomeTec Pro users can look forward to a high level of security thanks to AES 128-bit encryption. Particularly practical: the lock can be used in two different ways. While forgetful primary school children come into the house without their own key using a pin code, the older ones access the electronics via a remote control.

ABUS HomeTec Pro CFA3000S
Simply open doors at the push of a button. Maximum security, uncomplicated installation and high ease of use

Inexpensive alternative with app control: Danalock V3
The Danalock Smartlock V3 is built into the door lock with a lock cylinder and is available with Bluetooth or optionally with ZigBee (HA 3.0), Z-Wave or HomeKit compatibility. The door can be opened from the inside at the push of a button or with the Danalock V3 HomeKit version via Siri shortcut (from iOS 12), from the outside via an app. Due to the fact that Danalock Bluetooth door locks are mounted on the inside of the door, they can also still be opened from the outside with a normal key. As an extension, it is also possible to attach a beacon sensor to the door. This recognizes when a registered smartphone is approaching the door and automatically opens the electronic door lock.

With the smart door lock Danalock you open your door via smartphone (iOS and Android), uncomplicated control via Bluetooth

Inexpensive WLAN-based alternative with keyboard: Burg Wächter TSE SET 4001
Anyone who tends to misplace their smartphone or remote control and thus often involuntarily stands in front of locked doors will find the right solution in Burg Wächter TSE SET 4001. Its permanently installed keyboard and the door cylinder communicate via proprietary wireless technology based on WiFi 2.4 GHz and can be programmed for up to six users. In addition, additional hand-held transmitters are available from the manufacturer if required.

Burg Wächter TSE SET 4001 Home
Comfortable door opening with secret code; without a key. Simple self-assembly and retrofitting. Optimal security.

Recommendation for seniors: Easy to use HomeMatic wireless door lock drive
The HomeMatic wireless door lock drive can be opened or closed quickly and easily at any time using two illustrated buttons on the indoor housing. A radio remote control is also included in the scope of delivery so that relatives of people in need of care can gain access in an emergency.

Door unlocking by pressing a button or remote control. Can be used for all doors with standard locking cylinders; Assembly without drilling.

Note: We have additional guides on electronic door locks for special applications.

Electronic door locks: this is what counts when buying

  • Areas of application: Electronic door locks, some of which are also known as Smart Locks, are available for different areas of application: for example, as a retrofit solution for room doors, in combination with a smart doorbell or as a comprehensive locking system for large company buildings. Some manufacturers also offer electronic door locks with integrated surveillance cameras and intercom systems.
  • Voice control: Some electronic door locks such as the Nuki Smartlock or Danalock V3 can even be controlled via voice commands. This is particularly useful when guests arrive too early and the host has his hands full in the kitchen. To ensure door security, the voice control only works from the inside, of course.
  • Assembly:As a rule, the electronic door locks are screwed onto the existing lock on the inside of the door. The original key usually remains in the lock and is encased in the Smart Lock housing. Our instructions for installing door locking systems provide further help with questions about installation.
  • Security mechanisms: Thanks to the closed-circuit system, most electric locks can also be opened in the event of a power failure. On the other hand, models with working current have the advantage that they only consume energy when the lock is actually operated. In the event of a power failure, many electronic door locks can still be used, for example, with a classic key.
  • Price:When it comes to the price of a wireless door lock, the range of functions is very important. Our comparison winner Nuki, for example, costs around 250 euros. On the other hand, the Burg-Wächter Set without voice control is cheaper for around 115 euros. Most Smart Locks can also be gradually expanded to include additional components - for example with a transponder or keypad.

Features, price and evaluation of the comparison winner Nuki Smart Lock

With the Nuki Smart Lock, door locks open automatically as soon as a resident with a registered smartphone or smart watch stands in front of them. The Nuki Smart Lock attachment is mounted on an existing lock cylinder on the inside of the door with just three screws. For older locks, however, drilling with a drill may be necessary. The original key remains in the actual lock and is turned by Nuki in the desired direction to unlock or lock.

In conjunction with a Nuki Bridge (separate radio control center), the electronic door lock can also be operated via a smartphone via remote control - for example to open the door of a shared apartment with friends while on the move. For all family members who do not (yet) have a smartphone or who do not want to use it as a door opener, the manufacturer also offers the handy Nuki Fob key ring. It is a good alternative, especially for school children or senior citizens.

Nuki Smart Lock - test overview

  • Customers at Amazon rated the Nuki Smart Lock with 3.8 out of 5 stars. (As of: 10/2019).
  • In the test, users came to the conclusion that they would not want to be without Nuki in the future. They liked the fact that this electronic door lock locks automatically at night. S (as of: 08/2019)
  • The team from certified that Nuki was particularly easy to assemble after its test, but would have liked a better structured app. (Status: 06/2019)
  • The testers from certified the Nuki Smart Lock as a “Tested Smart Home Product”. (As of: 02/2018)

Nuki Smart Lock - price comparison, offers, availability

The advantages and disadvantages of the Nuki Smart Lock at a glance
Here we have again summarized all the strengths and possible weaknesses of this electronic door lock:

  • Easy to install
  • Own Nuki-Skill for Alexa
  • Can also be used without a smartphone via Nuki Fob
  • Only suitable for doors with emergency and hazard functions
  • According to the manufacturer, battery life is only about 6 months

Recommendation for families: ABUS HomeTec Pro can also be opened without an app

Clamping, gluing or screwing are the means of choice when it comes to connecting the ABUS HomeTec Pro wireless door lock to an existing door cylinder. In this case, however, it is important to saw off the rear grip surface of the original key so that the HomeTec housing fits over it. The following video shows how exactly the assembly must be carried out:

After successfully setting up the HomeTec Smart Lock, it can be operated using the keyboard on the device in combination with the separately available ABUS HomeTec Pro CFF3000 wireless remote control or the ABUS HomeTec Pro CFT3000W wireless keyboard. Use only via the buttons on the electronic front door lock is not possible.

If HomeTec Pro has been properly networked with a door cylinder that has an emergency and hazard function, the electronic door lock not only unlocks the door, but also opens it a crack. Our conclusion: Despite the somewhat cumbersome installation, HomeTec Pro is a solid security system that has already been rated positively by many consumers.

The HomeTec Pro wireless lock, the keyboard and the remote control at a glance (ABUS)

ABUS HomeTec Pro door lock drive - test overview

  • Customers rated the electronic ABUS wireless door lock drive HomeTec Pro CFA3000 on Amazon with 4.0 out of 5 stars (status: 10/2019)
  • In the comparison 'The best in the test 2019' by, ABUS HomeTec Pro was awarded 1st place. (Status: 04/2019)
  • The experts recommend the HomeTec Pro electronic door lock in their 'Electronic Door Lock Comparison 2019' as the price-performance winner. (Status: 03/2019)
  • The ABUS wireless door lock drive HomeTec Pro CFA3000 received a rating of 1.6 (good) from the experts. (Status: 04/2019)

ABUS HomeTec Pro door lock drive - price comparison, offers, availability
The manufacturer ABUS does not market its electronic door locks directly, so the price may vary depending on the dealer.

ABUS HomeTec Pro CFA3000S
Simply open doors at the push of a button. Maximum security, uncomplicated installation and high ease of use