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Industrial engineer salary: this is how much you can earn!

Facts about the industrial engineer salary

Under the Engineers do you belong as Industrial engineer to the Top earners! With an average starting salary of 46,294 euros gross per year, And the trend is rising, as a young professional you have a very good one Engineer salary. Join in good opportunities for advancement. With over ten years of professional experience, you could even earn an annual gross salary of up to 100,000 euros in a large company.

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  1. Starting salary
  2. Influencing factors
  3. Career opportunities
  4. International comparison
  5. Alternatives
  6. overview

Starting salary as an industrial engineer

Engineers are well paid in Germany anyway, but as an industrial engineer you have it particularly well and with an average starting salary of EUR 46,284 gross per year you are one of the top earners. In large corporations, your starting salary can vary according to Study of industrial engineering even at up to 55,000 euros gross per year lie. If you can also show a doctorate, you are already starting with an annual gross salary of 60,000 euros.

After just two years in your job, your salary can rise from an average of 46,284 euros 52,659 euros gross per year climb, after two to five years to 65,071 euros and after more than five years up to EUR 99,893 gross per year. This corresponds to a gross monthly salary of over 8,000 euros.

Factors influencing the salary of an engineer

When you start a new job, you have to keep in mind that it various influencing factors that can either increase or reduce your salary. We have summarized the most important factors influencing the salary of an industrial engineer.


The salary as an industrial engineer differs depending on which industry you work in. The five The highest-paying industries are telecommunications, the pharmaceutical industry, chemical and petroleum industries, the automotive industry and electrical engineering. For example, if you are a Chemical engineer If you work in one of these industries, you can count on a particularly high salary and you are one of them highest paid professions. The average wage is here 5,000 euros gross per month.


The degree that you have as an industrial engineer has a major impact on your salary. With a Bachelor of Engineering you can get a salary of 47,116 euros gross per year expect with one Master of Engineering you are enclosed 48,902 euros gross per year. If you have a doctorate, you can usually expect an even higher salary.


Which college you attended can also affect your salary. Industrial engineers who have studied at a university often earn more than those who have studied at a university of applied sciences Industrial engineering degree completed. More than a third of industrial engineers use their Graduated from university have, earn 100,000 euros gross or more per year, for graduates from universities of applied sciences it is only around six percent.

Recommended courses of study

Further training and advancement opportunities as an industrial engineer

If you already have some experience and want to move up, you can increase your salary by doing more Take on responsibility in the company. In top positions, such as a manager, you can do up to 101,400 euros gross per year to earn.

Alternatively, you can also decide, especially with a completed doctorate, from the private sector to go into research and teaching. The salary is usually lower there, but you can specialize in basic research and you have the opportunity to continue your education.

Salary of industrial engineer in international comparison

As an industrial engineer, you also have good international chances of high pay. With an average of 72,825 dollars, the equivalent of around 65,204 euros, the USA is very far ahead, overtaken only by salaries in Switzerland. Industrial engineers there earn around CHF 97,201 on average. That corresponds to about 92,065 euros gross per year!

In Sweden you earn around 501,352 SEK, i.e. the equivalent of 45,943 euros, less than in Germany. The situation is similar in the Netherlands, where industrial engineers usually earn 40,740 euros. In France, however, the average gross salary is 52,693 euros per year.

countryStarting gross salary per year
Switzerland92,065 euros
United States65,204 euros
France52,693 euros
Germany46,294 euros
Sweden45,943 euros
Netherlands40,740 euros

The earning potential in similar professions

The job of industrial engineer doesn't exactly meet your expectations, but you still want one similar profession pursue? We introduce you to alternative earning opportunities.


As a sales engineer, you also work in an engineering profession, the very closely related to economic issues. At the interface between production and sales, you earn between 2,600 and 3,300 euros gross per month. If you take on a team lead, it is between 4,000 and 6,000 euros gross and as a sales manager you can earn up to 8,000 euros gross per month.


As a project engineer, you are responsible for the engineering internal and external projects of your company. Your starting salary is on average 45,000 euros gross. Project engineers with more experience earn an average of 53,000 euros gross, but this salary can rise to 85,000 euros over the course of their career.


Develop development engineers Strategies and solutions to diverse problems. The starting salary is average 49,000 euros gross per year, depending on the size of the company and location, it can even be as high as 53,000 euros. After several years of development, the gross salary can range between 60,000 euros and 67,000 euros gross, as a senior development engineer it can rise to 81,000 euros gross.

Overview: The most important information about the salary of the industrial engineer

  • The salaries of industrial engineers vary depending on the industry and degree.
  • With increasing work experience the salary increases significantly.
  • As an industrial engineer, you can start with a Gross salary of 46,294 euros per year calculate.
  • German industrial engineers do very well in an international context, the Top earners are, however Engineers from Switzerland.

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