Is Mozilla Firefox better than Safari

Safari or Chrome? You should use this browser

With Safari, Apple has a solid web browser for iPhone, iPad and Mac. While the macOS variants offer many interesting functions, the mobile versions are catching up more and more and, since iOS 13, have supported desktop versions of the websites as standard and for the first time also allow files to be downloaded. Nevertheless, many users swear by an alternative: Google Chrome.

As with Safari, a lot of data can be synchronized between different devices in Google Chrome, and Chrome also offers some other advantages over the Apple app. Still, many experts advise against using Chrome on Apple products.

Safari instead of Chrome: More battery life with the right browser

The most recent example is provided by former journalist Walt Mossberg, who had a long friendship with the late Apple co-founder Steve Jobs.

In a tweet he said that Safari is a large and fast web browser that is primarily focused on data protection and privacy. In addition, Apple has extensively optimized it for its operating systems so that it performs significantly better than Google Chrome. For this reason, one should also use Safari instead of insisting on Chrome and then complain about the speed, the fan volume or a lower battery life. According to him, Chrome wastes a lot of resources and consumes energy accordingly. According to Mossberg, Firefox can also be used as an alternative to Safari - Chrome is too power-hungry.

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