What kind of a sailboat is that

Mandatory certificates

The two sports boat license are required by law. For the coast this is the sport boat license for sea and for inland waters the sport boat license for inland. Anyone who is checked by the police with a sailing boat only has to present a sports boat license. The sports boat license is sufficient.

The lake sports boat license is a pure motor boat license. Nevertheless, the sailors must have it on the coast if their sailing boats have an auxiliary engine of more than 15 HP net power.

These driving licenses are easy and quick to acquire, but they have one catch: They are only valid for sailing boats without a radio. As soon as a radio device is on board, the skipper needs the SRC radio certificate at sea and the UBI radio certificate on inland waterways. This is required worldwide and Europe-wide.

If you want to acquire a sports boat license for the lake, you shouldn't forget your pyro license. Pyro certificate is called the certificate of expertise according to explosives law. It is required in Germany when parachute missiles are on board. Parachute missiles soar 300 m, burn for at least 30 s and shine for almost 40 km. Such missiles are quite dangerous. All charter boats on the German coast must have parachute missiles on board - this is a requirement. And because accidents can easily happen without specialist knowledge, the skipper must have a pyro certificate.

There is something special about Lake Constance. Due to an agreement between the states bordering Lake Constance, a Lake Constance boatman's patent is required there, the Lake Constance boatman patent A for motor boats, the Lake Constance boat person patent D for sailing boats, the Lake Constance boat person patent A + D for motor and sailing boats and the Lake Constance boat person patent H for the Upper Rhine only want to drive a boat on Lake Constance while on vacation can obtain a vacationer's permit from a district office on Lake Constance. This is valid for four weeks and is issued once a year.

The sport boat driving license Binnen is the successor to the old sailing license A. Here you learn to sail from scratch - here you can sail sportily with small dinghies. But if you don't regularly sail dinghies after the exam, the sport boat license inland is of no use either. Only appearances don't get you any further.