How did Blend Labs get its name

Our Lab 100 and the return of the Specialty Coffee Blends!

Three years have now passed since we were LAB 100 have launched. A mixture developed for restaurateurs who want to offer their customers a selection of specialty coffees. A Espresso with a taste that speaks for itself and is also wonderfully suitable for customers who for the first time with the world of coffee employ.

The mixture complements our single origin coffees perfectly and offers a wide range different plantations, stories, producers and tastes. However, the initial feedback from the Specialty Coffee Community was not exactly brilliant. Nevertheless, our team has not given up and continues to work Specialty Blend LAB 100 worked: The recipe was improved and tested again and again in order to find the perfect roast at some point, with which all the taste notes come into their own.

During the lockdown due to the corona pandemic, as well as in the months before, we were able to excessively increased demand according to LAB 100 in the private consumer sector. Since the reopening of cafes and restaurants, our LAB 100 has really skyrocketed: Compared to the previous year, we are currently recording a plus of 45%making the mixture the first product with such a sales volume, our online coffee shop.


The trend towards specialty coffee

The Success of our specialty blends was even officially confirmed in recently carried out studies by well-known market research institutes. The consumption trends in catering establishments that offer specialty coffee were examined.

The lockdown also gave us the opportunity to do various Webinars to participate, which of Coffee experts held with a good reputation worldwide. They have demonstrated that specialty blends are one important tool are to really get everyone started with Third wave To enable coffee shops, not just the coffee experts, but really every customer. After all, it is precisely these who we want to convey the quality of the coffee to without scaring them away.

With this ambitious goal we have ours before our eyes LAB 100 and now we can say without a doubt that our specialty coffee blend has really made it a success!

Fazenda Rainha in Brazil

The composition

The Lab 100 is made uptwo different types of coffee together. For a high quality result with a balanced taste, this is quite sufficient.

We have selected the following varieties for this:

  • A coffee from her Fazenda Rainha, grown at 1,500 meters above sea level in the Minas Gerais region in Brazil. The monovarietal cultivated variety Yellow Bourban has an excellent and sweet aroma of yellow fruits.
  • The second coffee comes from Mexico, grown on volcanic slopes on the border with Guatemala on the Finca Muxbal. The name means something like “surrounded by clouds” in the local dialect.

Two excellent coffees from small farms to us Stability and year-round availability to guarantee. Stability is also the reason why we do not state the ratio in which we mix on the packaging. Simply because this can change during the year. Our focus is rather on a constant taste profile.


The taste of the coffee

We asked the experts from our school, the Espresso Academy, to answer this question and to evaluate the coffee according to the criteria of the SCA. The result can be seen in the video below.

LAB 100 is the perfect coffee for everyone who wants to convey true quality in their café or restaurant. An aspect that in times of Covid-19 could possibly be even more important than usual for many in order to stand out from the competition.

Do you have a restaurant and would like to offer your customers LAB 100 and other specialty coffees? Then write to us at [email protected] and together we will find the optimal solution for you!


Our specialty coffee blend LAB 100