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The Ramayana of Valmiki

German complete translation (2006-2008) based on the translation from Sanskrit into English verse (1870-1874) by Ralph Thomas Hotchkin Griffith (1826-1906)


Praise to Valmiki, the bird of enchanting song, which soars on the highest branches of poetry and sings of Rama, yes Rama, in its deathless calm so sweetly and clearly and unshakably.
Where does the person breathe who hears this song flow from Valmiki's tongue and whose feet do not feel the bliss of the path when Rama's glory is sung about by the saint?
The Ramayan River leaves its holy source to deliver the whole world from sin and defilement. The prince of the hermits is the mother mountain. The glorious Rama is the lovely sea.
Blessedness to him whose glory shines forever! Hail to him, Pracheta's holy son! Whose pure lips drink with ever-renewed joy from the sea of ​​the nectar of the deeds of Rama.
Hail to you, First Ascetic, so pious, good and kind! Hail to you, holy Valmiki, master of every tradition! Hail to you, holy hermit, gentle and pure in spirit! Hail to you, first of all bards, Valmiki, safe and sound again!

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Sources for translation

• English text for book 1-6: RÁMÁYAN OF VÁLMÍKI - RALPH T. H. GRIFFITH, [1870-1874] (www.sacred-texts.com)
English text template book 7: THE RÂMÂYANA - Manmatha Nath Dutt - complete edition 1892-94 (first published) and the publisher of my edition: Eastern Book House, Rajendra Nagar / Patna, reprint from 1987
Additions with kind permission from: Hari Prasad Shastri - The Ramayana of Valmiki - Verlag Shanti Sadan 1953 (first published) and my edition is a reprint from 2006
Images, courtesy: goloka.free.fr

Overviews of the Ramayana

Ramayana as an audio book

We ventured into a new medium and tried to convert the Ramayana into an audio book as well. It is an in-house production, certainly not professional, but to the best of our ability, with dedication and as far as our simple means allowed. For online listening there is now a link "Listen" in the top right next to the font setting in every chapter. In addition, the entire Ramayana is available for download as MP3 zip files in the eBooks directory, which you can download and unzip on your PC, mobile phone or MP3 player. The total listening time of all seven books is 60h and the download size is 1.5GB. We hope you enjoy reading and now also listening!

History of the translation

A few years ago I came into contact with the great Indian epics, was curious and increasingly enthusiastic. But in the German language one found "only" abridged retellings or individual, translated episodes from the great works. This is how the present translation was created, which is based predominantly on the very beautiful, poetic and astonishingly precise model by Griffith. Also because this was the only, almost complete English translation that was available to me at the beginning. Later the translations by M.N.Dutt and H.P. Shastri were added, which served well with Book 7 and the general understanding of difficult passages in the text. So I did my best. If you still find errors while reading, please write to me.
But now I wish you much joy in the great story of Rama and Sita, Hanuman and Ravana, and the eternal struggle of the human spirit, which is well intended for him in this life ...

Best Regards,
Undine Weltsch