How do you succumb to evil

The call of evil

My Opinion: "The Enlightened One - The Call of Evil" by Aimée Agresti is a surprisingly good sequel that is much more than a mere transition to the finale. Although it has been almost 4 years since I read "Das Dunkel der Seele", I found my way around the story relatively quickly. Occasional references to the events of Volume 1 were enough to bring the relevant facts to mind so that I could confidently embark on the next adventure. Thanks to the pleasant writing style, I made good progress and, despite the drastic change of location, Agresti managed again to create that tingling atmosphere that one wanted to attribute to the hotel in Volume 1. In general, I really liked New Orleans as a location. This city simply has character and Agresti was able to capture and convey this. New city, new devils - that was probably the motto. And that was a pretty smart move. In "Das Dunkel der Seele" I already liked the new approach, the new dynamic in the battle between heaven and hell. This fresh wind was noticeable this time too and was spiced up a bit by repeated new rules. It has also made sure that all expectations have vanished into thin air. I quickly realized that I was not going to see through right away how this second angel test would go and so I let myself drift away relaxed. The story does not absolve of any predictability, but surprises clearly prevailed. Basically, The Call of Evil is a solid story. There is a continuous arc of tension, new insights and authentic character developments. Maybe the whole thing could have been made a little shorter, but I didn't immediately notice the correct lengths. However, the game of angels and devils is sometimes so wacky that you have to be able to get involved. Since I'm usually not the type for it, I simply let myself be sprinkled with the creative parts without questioning the concept. The only big criticism is probably the love story. This can hardly be grasped and certainly not classified into categories, which is somehow positive again. Nevertheless, the whole constellation leaves a bad feeling. The emotional chaos of everyone involved causes some excitement, but made sure that I ended up here too. Once you get out of the act, you can see as an uninvolved observer that Agresti basically captures a lot of what makes up true teenage love. However, ironically, young readers may find this unsatisfactory. Conclusion: Aimée Agresti's "The Enlightened One - The Call of Evil" is a solid sequel that entertained me well, but didn't really grab me. As it is sometimes the case, I only noticed the latter while writing this review - apparently half the time I consciously distanced myself and let the events pass me by. I don't really know why myself, because apart from the jumble of love, which was unpleasant to read but was all the more authentic, I actually liked the rest of it really well. 4/5 books!