Why does Susano have a long nose

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I once dealt with the ems and I believe that there is more to it than just eternal eyesight.
Based on a few statements, I came to the following theory.
Sharingan's blood legacy is networked with one another. With the EMS, madara has the ability to penetrate the bodies that carry the sharingan and I believe that this is the secret of the EMS.

itachis masaker. itachi claimed that madara helped him with the assassination. but he was never seen, i think that itachi couldn't do it himself and madara used his body and he destroyed the clan.
The only problem is that he spared sasuke, he probably had to promise itachi that.

so madara vll also used obito's body for himself, which he vll currently has (tobi) (don't complain about theory ^^)
all of this would also explain why he was able to survive so long. so it doesn’t stand for eyesight but for lifelong !!

since itachi knew about it, he put the amaterasu in sasuke's eyes so that he could not be taken over by madara.

I admit that it's all relatively far-fetched, but still think that it somehow makes sense and therefore I want to hear your opinion on it

I don't know ... I don't think that's necessarily logical. The fact that Madara was not seen exterminating the clans doesn't mean anything, and Madara would certainly never have cried (Itachi does that 403 14).
That he survived so long is probably simply due to his superhuman strength and the strength of his chakra (although he says it is).
Besides, if he has to look into Sharingans (or generally in one eye), how could he have taken possession of Obito (apart from the fact that it was under a ton of rock)? Obito's right half has been completely crushed and his left eye is in Kakashi. This would also make Obito's body completely unusable.
And Itachi implanted the Amaterasu in Sasuke because he didn't want Sasuke to ever learn the truth. He knew that Madara Sasuke would show his Sharingan so that Sasuke would listen.
And the name Eternal Mangekyou Sharingan certainly comes from the fact that you can see forever with it and not go blind.